Playable Robot Skins

Servo Adults (from TSO)

Download adult robots from TSO
includes 3 males and 3 females
(no picture, sorry!)

Servo Children

Body CMX and SKN files Fixed Dec 3, 2019

Download kid skins FIXED!
Download kid basic buyables

Based on the TSO adult robot meshes that Pawlee so kindly sent me, these meshes have been modified using Body Warp (rescaled (disproportionately), re positioned, rotated where needed to make them more child like in my eyes) and skins were recolored by me (Raeven).


These child robots are unisex despite mention of "robotmale" in some file names. The files needed to be named that way in order to use the custom hands provided for the adult robot (I saw no need to make an additional set of hands for each of the children when hands already existed in my game.) There are 2 skins for each of the 3 skintones.


The zip contains a second zip of "Shared Textures".
All of these textures (hands and a bmp for the antenna) are extracted from the zip Pawlee sent me so if you have the adults from her already you wont need these at all. They are only provided in case you haven't got the adults for some reason.


None of the file names are longer than 27 characters.


No nude is included (not even a bitmap) so the kids switch to human bodies when showering and toileting.


"Basic" in this case means that these buyables are simply copies of the casual skin. The files have been renamed to fulfill wardrobe requirements, but no ornamentation have been provided to distinguish one wardrobe theme from another.

Robot Heads for Girls using mesh C503FC
BMPs only; Vacation required for mesh

Robot Factory (TSO & more)

Peter (of Atelier Quebec) has generously made the graphics from several The Sims Online (TSO) objects available. One of the jobs you could take in TSO was a robot factory. Most of the items found on this page use those graphics.

Robots, Robots, Robots

Decorative Robots

Maxis Robots Collection
4-in-1 Decorative Element
No EP Required

This collection includes TSO's 3 robots (Industrial, Atomic, and Futuristic) and a decorative version of Servo (shown here standing beside the NPC version of Servo).

Some parts of the robots glow in the dark but these are NOT a light source. A random robot appears when purchased (purchase repeatedly to get the robots you want and sell the unwanted ones back.)

Slope enabled; No room score; View interaction uses Technology and/or Mechanics skill as a reaction factor.*

Decorative (Statue) costs 400$

Robots on the Move

TSO Atomic Moving Robot
Self-Propelled Decorative Element
No EP Required

Moving robots are similar to on Puffy the Porker by SimPlus! but have been re-hacked quite a bit. Differences include:

  • There are no interactions (no feeding or playing)
  • The robot does not sleep or die (so there is no risk of disease).
  • The robot passes through doors but nothing else.
  • Mre animation frames and new sounds.
  • The self - propelled movement is smoother
Decorative (Statue) costs 400$

* NOTE: Those who originally downloaded the "deco-only" version of this file from our Yahoo!Group's "pre-released" folder should re-download as this file has an improvements to both the graphics (Servo's eye now glows faintly in the dark) and the function.

Maintenance Stations

TSO Tool Stations (hacked)
3 matching tool cabinets/stations in 1 object

Industrial Repair Stations
3-in-1 Tool Station
No EP Required

Atomic Repair Stations
3-in-1 Tool Station
No EP Required

Futuristic Repair Stations
3-in-1 Tool Station
No EP Required

This "skill object" is a bit unusual because it does not raise your Sim's mechanics skill directly. Instead you use it to instruct a Sim to repair everything (all) on the lot that is broken and the Sim naturally gains Mechanics skill from repairing. Please also be aware that the risk of electrocution is also exactly the same. To clarify: The tool stations do not cause anything to break. They simply send the Sim to do the (repair) chores.

Less handy Sims might prefer to call the Repairman instead. If your household does not have a phone the tool station will schedule the Repairman's visit directly - so make sure you have enough cash to pay him!

Categorized under Misc. (knowledge) for 329

Janitors' Stations (hacked)
Matches for the TSO Tool Stations

Industrial Utility Cabinet
with "Clean All" Hack
No EP Required

This fully equipped utility closet stores enough cleaning supplies to clean the whole lot.

To clarify: The janitorial stations do not cause anything to become dirty or lower room score. They simply send the Sim to clean everything.

Categorized under Appliances (Other) and Misc. (Other) for 329

Related files: At Aponee Sims, in the My House forum, you can find built in utility closets with the "Clean All" hack. Unlike our objects here, Aponee's Built In Utility Closet is also a trash compactor!

Object Makers' Note: The industrial base has one sprite per cabinet. The Atomic tool station has 2 sprites per cabinet, one is luminous. The futuristic sprite has 3 sprites per cabinet, one is luminous.

More Decorative Elements

Obstacle 1 from TSO
3x2 decorative element
No EP Required

Obstacle 2 from TSO
3x2 decorative element
No EP Required

Conveyor Tiles from TSO
connecting rugs
No EP Required


Steampunk Wall TV by Aponee
Victorian Oil Lamp by Aponee
Steampunk Computer by Aponee
I am totally floored by this! Aponee, awesome generous object making goddess that she is, surprised me this morning with a simmified version of the absolutely gorgeous computer from the jaw-dropping The Steampunk Workshop.

If your downloaded these files prior to September 22 2010, please redownload. Some GUID conflicts have been fixed. These files will overwrite the old ones.

Steampunk Lighting by Simnut1 with New GUIDS
Steampunk Tank by Simnut1 with New GUIDS
It took me a while to stop playin' and actually get these shared with you folks but here's a couple of awesome steampunk pieces that Simnut1 created and gave to us as a gift. /swoon The glowy coil is an anywhere lamp (no ep required) and the tank is sculpture based (HD or higher required).