Adjustable Window Blinds, featuring recolors of the original Roman Shade graphics by PollyMogs in all 4 lengths. Control the amount of illumination from both sun and moonlight with these adjustable window treatments: the more open the shade, the more light shines through. All blinds are 'backless'.

REVISED (July 2008): Now with randomized graphics. When you purchase the blinds buymode it will start out at a random length.

Adjustable Window Blinds
Each blind has all 4 lengths in one file: Choose 'Raise' to open completely, 'Lower' to close full length, or 'Adjust...' to get the submenu for '1/2 closed' and '3/4 closed'.

A NOTE TO OBJECT MAKERS: The fantastic roman shade graphics by Pollymogs is a wonderful use for this base and, obviously, other styles of blinds and curtains could work great ... but why stop at window dressing? The base is essentially a wall version of the Changeable Centerpiece bases that acts as a light source and, like the table top versions, can be transformed into anything you can imagine.