S.S.o.W. Objects with the Sim Logical Apartment Control Hack. These objects function the same way as the 'regular' versions of these objects available in the 'Better Living Objects' sections of the S.S.o.W. site, EXCEPT for being additionally hacked to work with the SimLogical Apartment controller & token.

To use the apt hacked versions of the objects, YOU MUST have the Apt Controller & Room Token (distributed as a single .far file) from Sim Logical installed in your games Downloads, or you may crash.


granita match buffet

Granita Match Sideboard Salad & Dessert Buffet for Apts (TS) Two tile sideboard is a buffet that serves salad & dessert plates only. When not being used as a buffet, the sideboard functions as a counter surface that both the player & Sim can place objects on. Counters placed next to this sideboard will 'corner'. Place the sideboard in your Sim's dining room & they will serve the meals they prepare in their kitchen on it, preferring the sideboard over other serving surfaces. When you have your Sim set the buffet out, the objects that are on the buffet become 'hidden'. When you have your Sim clean the buffet up after eating, the objects that were on the surface reappear. On non-residential lots, the buffet is always full.No EP required.

anywhere self serve bar drinks

S.S.o.W. 'Social Drinking Home' Bar for Apts (TS)

Bar drinks can be placed on any counter height or table surface. Your Sim can 'have a drink' or 'make drinks' for more than one drinker. Several Sims can drink at the same time, and Sims who drink together will also socialize. Visitor enabled. Sims will wash up the leftover glasses, and then those with HD+ will wipe off the surface the drinks are sitting on with a sponge: placing a sink nearby makes cleanup more convenient. On non-residential lots, the bar is always full. No EP required.

Note: File updated on 1/28/06, to fix flaw in sound syncing


Cheap salad & dessert buffet

Two tile Cheap Table Buffet for Apartments (TS)

Serves salad and dessert plates only. On non-residential lots each plate is a paltry 15$.

This version does not have the additional surface functions or extra clean-up animations that come with the Granita match sideboard.

No EP required.

Ballroom flooring dancefloor for apartments Cut-a-Rug Dancefloor for Apartments

Dance Floors for apartments (set of 2) - House Party (HP) required- Both dancefloors are specifically designed to allow you to designate a "dance area" in a residential home without clashing with everyday decor so no flashing lights

The Ballroom Dancefloor simulates normal flooring (Matching Maxis' Square Parquet .flr file).

The Cut-a- Rug Dancefloor is a 2x3 rectangle that looks like a rug

*Expansion Pack Required*: House Party