The Maxis objects that were on this page have been moved to Sim Apartments Yahoo!Group. There you'll find a large collection of Maxis object designed to compliment the collection of 'Apartment Hacked' Maxis objects hacked by Simlogical along side several unique sets.


Maxis' 2-tiled BBQ grill for Apartments
Required Food File included. No EP Required.

Maxis for Apts Cooktop Stove
Additional Hack: No EP Required

Bathtub, Toilet and Counter


No EP and Apt. Hacked computer
Moderate computer with Apt. Hack
No EP Required


To use Apartment Hacked objects, YOU MUST have the Apt Controller and Room Token (distributed as a single apartments.far file) from Sim Logical installed in your game. Some game configurations may even crash without the apartment.far installed.