S.S.o.W. Objects with the Sim Logical Apartment Control Hack. These objects function the same way as the 'regular' versions of these objects available in the 'Better Living Objects' sections of the S.S.o.W. site, EXCEPT for being additionally hacked to work with the SimLogical Apartment controller & token.

To use the apt hacked versions of the objects, YOU MUST have the Apt Controller & Room Token (distributed as a single .far file) from Sim Logical installed in your games Downloads, or you may crash.



Workout Radio raises body skill.

Workout Boombox: Earn Body skill while you aerobicize.

Stereo functions as a regular stereo: it plays music and Sims can dance to it for fun and social. New 'workout' option has been added: when you select 'workout' your Sim will earn Body skill points. Other Sims can still dance for fun while one Sim works out. Users with HP listen to 'Techno' music while working out and do dance moves from the HP dance floor (shown in pic). If you don't have HP, you workout to the 'Rock' station and do regular stereo dance moves.

Sims with higher (6+) Active points get more fun and less tired from the activity. Sims with low active BUT higher body skill (6+) get the same amount of fun and tired as someone with higher (6+) Active. Sims with 5 or less Active AND 5 or less body points will get less fun and more tired from working out. Everyone gets social when more than one person is using the radio, and that increases at the same rate no matter what your personality of skill level. No EP required.

Earn skill points while shooting hoops

Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Practice Hoop: Earn Body skill points while shooting hoops.

Indoor/Outdoor basketball hoop allows up to 2 Sims to earn body skill points at the same time. No skill bar appears for the object, but you will get a pop up box to notify you when your Sim(s) earn a point.

As with the swimming pool, Sims will stop playing when they feel like it, they don't keep at it until they earn a point (like the exercise machine or other skill objects).

Body skill is gained at a "casual" (slow) pace. No EP required.