Cash Collection Objects

Aunt B's Garage Sale
Grandma's Jewelry Box
Cash Collection Box; No EP required

Or was it Grandpa's cigar box? Either way, it's a perfect way to keep track of the day's earnings!

Automatic Visit Generators

Hate having to throw parties to generate potential customers? Let our handy dandy Garage Sale Sign do the work for you! Get the word around and in no time at all you'll have folks from Downtown, Strange Town and even Vacation Isle to dropping in for a visit.

Please Note: These signs do not force the visitors to become customers. These are simple Visit Generators that draw visitors to your lot. These visitors arrive in the same hungry/bored/etc state they would have if you'd phone them up and invited them over individually.

Aunt B's Garage Sale
Garage Sale Sign
Automatic Visit Generator; No EP required

Generates visits from neighbors, Townies, Stranges and the various Vacation Isle families.

Find our sign a bit too rustic for your lot? Around the Sims has a lovely one as part of their Wine Cellar add-on.

SEE ALSO: Eatery Hacks

One of the down sides about building a businesses on a residential lot is that the game views all non-NPC, non-resident Sims as "visitors" and, as such, Vistors expect to be fed. My current solution to this problem has been to add open cafe to my lot. In addition to solving the Hungry Visitor problem the cafe generates additional income for the lot as it sells meals instead of giving them away freely.

See Inés' Bakery Sets for Inés Ala Carte Pastry Buffet, a self serve buffet table that sells Inés' Sim Bakery goods (there is a "Free Pastries" option, as well). When not being used as a buffet table this surface is a functioning sideboard (Sims will serve meals here instead of a counter). Objects hidden when a buffet is set will be "replaced" once the table is cleaned. The required food files from Inés Sim Bakery are included in zip. See enclosed Read-me for instructions on adjusting prices.

Another common Visitor related problem is that Visitors wont go home until they are miserable (And making everyone else miserable because of it. To encourage visitors to leave the lot peacefully (making room for fresh, hungrier customers) my eatery also has a new sales display:

See Inés' Bakery Sets for Inés "Grab & Go" Boxed Pastries Display - a sales display that sells a cake box to Sims (please note that no items are actually placed in the Sims' inventory) on Residential lots. Sims with lower motives are more inclined to make this their final purchase and may head on home, making room for more customers. On Location lots this display stand provides decoration and ambiance as Townies still appear to purchase cake boxes even though your Sims cannot. This 2-in-1 stand may be placed on the floor or a surface (the graphic will adjust itself appropriately). The required skins files for the cake box prop are included in zip. See enclosed Read-me for instructions on adjusting prices.
No EP required.

Generic versions of both hacks will eventually be available.