Aunt Bs Garage Sale Set     Aunt Bs Garage Sale Set

Aunt B's Garage Sale

Aunt B's Garage Sale Aunt B's Garage Sale Table Set
(Set of 6 tables; No EP required)

HOME BUSINESS OBJECT - These display units are designed especially for creating home businesses. The display are unmanned (no cashier). Fill tables with goods for an initial cost (like buffet tables). Each item purchased earns money for the family.

LOCATION LOT USE -These tables may also be used on location lots but the objects purchased from them is NOT kept and cannot be used or given as a gift later. The act of browsing and buying is simply for fun and gives your Townies an activity to engage in providing some ambience for shops. Makes a great addition to any charity shop or thrift store!

Additional Notes: No Expanion Required. These displays are categorized as a Miscellaneous\Other and priced at 97$ each

Object Makers Notes: These displays are EZ-Clone displays that come in 2 variations. The 2 tiled tables and the clothing rack have 3 random purchases. The one tiled tables have a single purchase. See Readme.txt for instructions on setting new prices for stocking the table and purchase prices.

Automatic Visit Generator
Garage Sale Sign
Automatic Vist Generator; No EP required

Hate having to throw parties to generate potential customers? Let our handy dandy Garage Sale Sign do the work for you! Get the word around and in no time at all you'll have folks from Downtown, Strange Town and even Vacation Isle to dropping in for a visit.

Cash Collection Box
Grandma's Jewelry Box
Cash Collection Box; No EP required

Or was it Grandpa's cigar box? Either way it's a perfect way to keep track of the day's earnings!