Animated Stove/Grill combination cook fire for campers

NOTE: REQUIRES the ATS BBQ Food file (available in the Outdoors section.)
It is NOT included in this download. If you already use the ATS BBQ grills you have the food installed.

Cooking regular mealKL*5000 Never Skew Barbecue Grill and camping cookfire - Perfect for cooks of any skill, the new state-of-the-art KL*5000 Never-Skew Barbecue (tm) allow even the most inexperienced campers to perfect their cooking techniques in a relaxed worry free manner. The patented fire inhibiting auto-stinguishers are disguised as natural stones to fit into any rustic setting while complying with modern fire safety codes. Win, Win!

The KL*5000 grill is even sturdy and stable enough to support a cook pot - perfect for long term camping!

This animated cooker combines a BBQ grill with a regular stove in a single object so regular (refrigerated) meals can be made on it. The grill option allows sims all sims to cook burgers but sims with 5 or more cooking points also have access to Around The Sims' four fantastic grilled meals (fish, sausage, potatoes, and kabobs)

If a food preparation surface is available the sims will prepare the grilled foods (in the picture to the left our invisible prep surface object has been placed onto a normal picnic table)

Again, the REQUIRED grilled foods from are not included in this file.

No EP Required

'Fridge' Objects for campers and picnickers

Camping FridgeStandard Camper's Fridge - This small insulated chest serves Maxis meals that can be cooked on any stove (including the KL*5000 cook fire). Sims can access this fridge from front or back, but remember DT chefs always need to access the front of a fridge.

This cooler can be placed on the floor or on surfaces but when on a surface sims will reach through the side to get the food (this may be improved in in future). When placed on the floor the Sims reach down into the chest to remove the food. No EP Required

 Camper's fridge

Note to Object Makers: To eleminate the "floating food" problem in your own small refridgerators import the SLOT resource from this camping fridge into yours. This SLOT was custom made to create the food object down at the bottom of the object instead of at counter height.

Find more unique fridges at Gyoikoh Cherry Blossoms!!

A few items also available as part of the beach theme at Needful Things

Drinks cooler with beer and soft drinks

Raeven's drink icechest

Fully stocked with a choice of four drinks (mild motive boosts):

  • Sim City Soda, designed to appeal to the playful and enjoyed by all, adds fun and hunger.
  • Raevensbeck Lager, designed to appeal to the lazy and restricted to adults, adds more fun than soda but also decreases bladder more.
  • Fruit juices, designed to appeal to the active (Claire Bear's Berry Bonanza for children) and outgoing (NT Purple Passion Fruitpunch for adults), adds fun and energy.
  • CaliSims Herbal Buzz Iced Tea, designed to appeal to all, adds fun, comfort and overall Mood while decreasing hunger

No EP required

Cloneable Unleashed Park Rockers (set of 2)

Calisims Cloneable  Park Rockers The park rockers that came with the Unleashed Expansion pack are a bit unusual .. the horse and whale the sims ride is controlled by the animation. This meant object makers could change the look of the park rockers when they were NOT in use but when a kid used them the old horse or whale would show up again.

These park rockers have had that one animation replaced with a "stripped out" version. The animation is the same as Maxis' but the extra coding that added the prop has been stripped out allowing object makers to use match the prop to their new object. Zips includes animation files as well as props for the pink and the blue whales shown.

Unleashed Required

Some camping items for those who haven't got the Maxis versions

These noEP camping items are intended for those who are unfortunate enough to have NOT got the Maxis versions. Those that DO have the Maxis versions needn't download these ... the Maxis ones have more features and great animations that these downloads have not got.

No EP Campfire

The noEP Campfire is, essentially, an animated dollhouse using Maxis' camp fire graphics. The fire must be lit by an adult and will, eventually die down of it's own accord. Four sims can sit around it peering into the fire and chatting as they do with a dollhouse. Sims with higher Outdoors interest will be more attracted to hanging out at the camp fire for fun and social.

(Also in the works: Sleeping tents)