Wuthering Heights

DSCali's Wuthering Heights Cemetery Set:
(Set of 11; originally available from Deviant Sim)

  • 4 decorative gravestones (sculptures: Sims do not 'mourn' them)
  • blood red shrub (MM)
  • dying shrub (TS)
  • wilted flower bed *
  • autumn leaves *
  • gargoyle sculpture (LL)
  • park bench (HD)
  • dead flower urn (HD) **

* Flower bed & autumn leaves are cloned on 1 tile rugs, Sims will walk over them & they can be placed under objects. No watering required, positive room score. Base by Mhari of Shiny Things

** Dead flower urn is a 'table' the player can place objects on but the Sims cannot use it. Base by Madoria of Madoria's World

Wandering Ghosts

A Note To Object Makers: The "Shadowy Figure" is the best generic base. It is the only one of these four that does not have luminous (glow in the dark) sprites, makes no sounds at all and a 2 rotation object.

These floating ghosts are based on Puffy the Porker by SimPlus! but have been re-hacked quite a bit. Changes include:

  • There are no interactions (no feeding or playing)
  • The ghost does not sleep or die (so there is no risk of disease).
  • The ghosts pass through walls and furnishings.
  • There is only one graphic state (no animations frames)
  • Floating movement is smoother.

Note: Ghost haunting noises are made for Sims, not objects so I ended up having to "make do". I could not decide if I like the sounds or not but they are fun for a laugh at least once so I left them in. If you find they become annoying after a while pop the ghost files open in IffPencil or IffSnooper and change the FWAV id number from "1" (one) to "0" (zero).

Categorized under Misc (Other) for 40$

The Lady in Red
No EP required

7-foot Zombie
No EP required

A Shrouded Figure
No EP required

A Shadowy Figure
No EP required

The Lady in Red is made of (playable) meshes from Sim Sketches (body) and Sim Freaks (head). The 7 foot tall zombie is made from (playable) meshes by Sim Sketches.

Additional decor

DSCali Marble Fountain
from Deviant Sim

No Care landscaping pack 1No Care Landscaping pack #1 (set of 4):
Green Groundcover, Wildflowers, Violets & Stone Paver.

No care/watering is required for these objects.
Sims can walk over these decorative landscaping elements which can be placed on ground or floors, inside or outside, and beneath objects The plants require no watering, add 4 to room score, each has 4 rotations to vary the look as you place them. No EP Required

Cloned and modified from a hacked 1 tile rug base by Mhari at Shiny Things

Find in Buy mode, Outdoor/Deco, or in Decorative/Plants (flowers & groundcover) and Decorative/Other (stone paver)