Magic Themed Pet Shop Items
"Add-ons" & Maxis Matches

As with the reagents, Dragon Treats, the Dragon Chew toy, and the Dragon Nest were designed to only be sold from the cart vendor. I've made purchase tokens that allow you to make a shop complete with displays that work with cash registers. I've also made a faux adoption bin that allows you to present dragon hatchlings as if they are adoptable. They may be played with but to gain a dragon pet the player will need to purchase a dragon nest and raise their hatchling from an egg. Unfortunately, these bin dragons have to use cat and dog animations which have the mewing and barking built in.

July 19th: At this time I'm still testing the b'jeebrs out of those bins so they are not available for download quite yet.

Dragon Petshop Displays
for use with Parsimonious' Something Familiar Shop

Three display selling dragon treats, dragon chew toys, and dragon nests. These are simple "add-ons" to the rather awesome Parsimonious' "Something Familiar Pet Shop" set, though the incubator (egg display) can also be placed on residential lots as a decorative item. The three purchase tokens required are also included in the zip.MM required.

Download all 3 "Something Familiar" style Dragon Displays
graphics by Maxis and

Dragon Treats and Chewtoys displays for counters
Dragon Treats &
Dragon Chew toy Displays

Dragon Egg Incubation Display
Dragon Egg Incubation Display
1 rotation base