Make those older treasured objects function in new and improved ways

Place these "Convert To..." objects onto those great, treasured tables, counters, desks or endtable that you have downloaded and give them new purpose. Turn those old decorative sideboards into true functioning sideboards, let sims really chop foods on the prep tables you've provided for them, and feel free to construct a DownTown Kitchen with a decorative fridge without having to find space for a back-up one! These objects are all invisible during live mode but become visible in build mode, in options mode or if you try to move them around in buy mode. (A super clever idea originally hit upon by the wonderful Gnohomon that allows us to move, place, and delete invisible objects easily).

The Kitchen Collection

Convert To ... Prep Surface

Convert to ... Prep Table
Convert To Prep SurfaceSims will choose to prepare meal by chopping wherever this invisible object is placed instead of any ole counter (Sims may still choose to use a food processor sometimes). This item contributes as many food points as a food processor This item also has 4 extra spots for little decorative pieces.

Found with Counters in Buymode
No EP Required

Convert To ... Serving Surface

Convert to ... Sideboard
Convert to Serving SurfaceSims will bring their cooked meals to this object and serve them, bypassing kitchen counters and allowing players to define a dining area and giving the player control over the flow of traffic during meal times. This item also has 4 extra spots for placing little decorative pieces.

Found with Counters in Buymode
No EP Required

Convert To ... DT Fridge

Convert to .... DT Fridge
Convert to DT FridgeDowntown restaurants require a refrigerator for making meals but they don't actually USE the refrigerator. To use simply place this little floating fridge on the same tile as any decorative refrigerator object. (It is important they have access to the FRONT of this object). This object has no known value on residential lots.

Found with Fridges in Buymode
No EP Required

That gorgeous sideboard used to demonstrate the "Convert To .. Serving surface" object is from Dincer's site. That impressive, and huge industrial fridge shown to demonstrate the "Convert to ...DT Fridge" is from Gookabeez Stuff (Themes).

Enjoying The View

Convert To ... Point of Interest
Visible in BUYMODE
Convert To ... Point of Interest
Invisible in LIVEMODE

Convert to ... Point of Interest
Convert To Point of InterestOne of my biggest pet peeves about my sims is that I would build wonderful, relaxing gardens, beaches, and sitting rooms, but my silly sims never bothered to sit down, relax and just enjoy the great view I'd provided. When a request was posted at Simblesse Oblige's Suggestion Box forum asking for an invisible television (to use so sims would pay attention to social events, lectures, concerts, and the like) I realized it was the perfect time to clear up that old pet peeve of mine.

Place this object anywhere you think Sims should hang out (a pretty view, a store window, in a fireplace, in a "deco-only" TV, in artwork, a sitting area or lounge, a waiting room). It intersects with other objects (sits on the same tiles that they do), allows sims to walk right through it and can be placed on ponds, pool, or slopes. Anywhere you place it Sims will be able to come and stand (or sit) and gaze out while chatting with each other.

I have used it in public parks, on ponds and beaches, in fireplaces, on porches and to create social areas for gathering and conversation on lots that would not have electricity.

REMINDER: Players cannot click on invisible objects. This object relies on a Sim using it of his own free will. Object makers will find a visible base (that a player can click on) on the SSoW Hacked Bases page.

Found with televisions in Buymode
No EP Required