NOTE: This section features graphics files ONLY, no Sim objects.

In most cases these images are by Maxis, taken from the game files, and sometimes recolored & reshaped. If you use these graphics to create Sim objects for distribution, we would appreciate a link back to our site. If you use our graphics or clonable files & send us your site or group url, we will add you to our Links section. Graphic files are available in .gif & 24-bit .png format with transparent backgrounds (which may look grey in your browser) unless otherwise noted.

Tip: The edges of these graphics are rough and ragged. Smoothing the edges after you have places the graphic into your project will blend it into the background image and often gives better results.

Right-Click images and "Save Picture As..." to save them to your harddrive for use

A selection of Apples, Bananas, Grapes and Berries
4 empty bowls, and 4 matching bowls filled with fruit.
4 empty bowls, and 4
matching bowls filled
with fruit.
Dried goods in jars

Maxis Plates & platters, single and stacked.
Misc. Dishes
Plates and a bowl Bowl stack and bowl Bowl stack and bowl and plate
Basic dishes created in Anim8or.

Misc. decor & books from Maxis
(Maxis) Misc. decor & books
leather  bound books

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