NOTE: This section features skins files ONLY, no Sim objects.

In most cases these meshes are by Maxis, taken from the game files, and then recolored, repositioned & reshaped using Bodywarp (pc program).

These props may be redistributed as part of your own projects. If you make no changes to the mesh and BMP please do not rename the files (there is no sense in people having the same prop in their game twice with different file names).

These props may also be modified. If you do make a change to the mesh or the BMP please remember to rename your copy so it will not overwrite the SSoW version.

Mac Friendly! All of these props are Mac friendly. None of them have file names longer than 31 characters (including the period and extension at end).

If you are new to working with props you can find some helpful General Information about Props and Accessories right here in our Workshop Section.


The apples are all based the canning station apple. That apple is held in the left hand but we needed one for the right hand. We also wanted additonal colors for the apple snack basket. (The yellow apple is not so "golden" looking in the game)

Grapes and Berries

The grapes and elderberries that came with Makin' Magic are available in the game for the right hand but to allow those without that expansion pack to use the canning station and give the harvest as a gift we needed to distribute the files ourselves (shhh, don't tell Maxis!) The canning station has a sim pick the food up with their left hand so in addition to the right version a left hand version was needed. No recolors were done because the file size for these props was so unusually large.

Salad Crops

Tomato - The tomato's mesh was made by resizing and squishing a snowball from the Vacation Isle snow fort.

Glass Bottles

The Hot Date Bar stations offer a bottle of "Soda". This mesh was used for all three beer bottles. The at-home bar that came with the original game allowed children to grab a can of soda from the built in fridge.

Juice bottles

Both juice bottles originate from the Maxis Pepsi bottles. The Berry Bonanza juice bottle was made a little shorter and fatter using BodyWarp. The bottle came out a bit wonky but looks good in the game and fits into a child's hand nicely.

Canned Drinks

The at-home bar that came with the original game allowed children to grab a can of soda from the built in fridge. This mesh was used for the beer can and was resized in bodywarp to make a taller, thinner can for the Iced tea.