Dancefloors for the Home

With an aim toward making Sims socialization in casual settings easier to achieve, we made a few changes to the dancefloors. The first was to eliminate the light show. The second was to fill in the gaps between tiles making the flooring "seamless" just like regular floors. For even more variety we also created the Cut-A-Rug dance floor which sports a unique 4 rotation graphic assigned to each tile.

Object Makers Note: All are EZ Clone, combining the dance-floor and the dfcontroller in a single iff. The ballroom floor is structured like the original dance-floor, using a single sprite for all tile. The Cut-A-Rug dance floor, however, has a unique 4 rotation graphic assigned to each tile. Lighted EZ-Clone Dancefloors are also available.

ballroom dance flooor

Center Square Parquet Ballroom Dance Floor: Wooden dance floor matches the center square parquet floor by Maxis. Game Quirk Note: since the game shines light on real floors but not on objects, this floor wont blend in well in dimmer rooms. HP required

cut a rug dance floor

Cut-a-Rug Dance Floor: Great for use in front of your home stereo system, or by the jukebox of smaller bars & pubs.HP required

"Flashier" Dance Floors

One more change we made was to the dance floors' opacity. Translucent dance floors are quite versatile. The flooring you put below them can change their look drastically. Like filling the gaps in, this is not a hack, but a change to the A sprite. We encourage you to play with the alpha channels and create new and interesting dancefloors yourself! It's really quitefun!!

Glass block

Simple Glass Block Dance Floor: Translucent dance floor made of textured glass allows your floor tiles beneath to show through, and does not light up when your Sims dance. HP required


TransLight Dance Floor: Translucent glass texture dance floor looks like the Glass Block dance floor when not in use, and flashes with raveriffic splendor while your Sims dance. HP required

Starry Night

Starry Night Dance Floor: Black linoleum flooring that flashes with brilliant stars when in use. HP required

Starry Translucent Dance Floor: Smoky glass dance flooring casts a gray hue over any floor you that place it on. When your Sims dance, colored stars flash in brilliant patterns. HP required