This page contains a mixture of NPC types. I don't have enough of each type to make a page for them so they are grouped together but will get moved to their own page if their numbers grow to that point.(This is somewhat unlikely, if I am being honest, since I'm really not big on skinning.)


Simstrolo the Bard
busy your lot with extra buskers

Simstrolo is an entertainer NPC who will wander all over the lot, entertaining everyone in a variety of ways and raising fun and social. The more expansion packs that you have installed, the more entertaining he gets! Unlike most NPCs, Simstrolo is also autonomous so will poke around and use stuff like any other Sim

Placing The Ballad of The Thornless Rose on a residential lot allows you to 'Summon (and dismiss) Simstrolo at will. On residential lots, you also have the option of hiring him over the phone. To add him to location lots, simply hang The Ballad of The Thornless Rose anywhere on the lot.

Those who have enjoyed the 7 Merry Minstrels created as part of the 12th Night set at Simblesse Oblige are already largely familiar with how Simstrolo will behave. (My apologies to anyone who's been waiting on cloneable ones all of this time) Some changes have been made. Wilf's social interactions file is not used with this version (so, among other "look and feel" changes, jealousy might be triggered at time) and I have included a phone plugin along with the in-game spawner object (still needed on Location lots)

Custom Food Delivery

EZ-Clone files that include a delivery NPC, a phone plugin, custom food (both the group meal and single meal).

EZ-Clone Base : Pizza Delivery
Fast Food Using Pizza Eating Animations

Based on Maxis' Pizza Delivery Dude
Please Note: This is a BASE that will add nothing to game play. Only OBJECT MAKERS will be interested in installing this for cloning.

An EZ-Clone Pizza Delivery Dude Base that delivers cloned pizza, allowing object makers to turn it into any fast food they wish. The food uses the Pizza's features: eating animations, standing while eating, no plate to dispose of afterward, low food points, Sims with low cooking will "yuck" at it).

This one iff houses 4 objects Files working together are:

  1. A Group Serving (has open/closed state & is disposed to trash - pizza box)
  2. A single serving (eaten with hands, standing with handwash and "yuck!" - pizza slice)
  3. The NPC delivery boy (easily changed to female, of course)
  4. A phone Plugin for ordering food.

As with all SSoW EZClone items you *must* clone all of these items at the same time

    This phone plug-in's OBJECT NAME is what will show on the phone's menu. It's done this way so you can easily change what shows on the menu and it will show under the "Services" (translated) Properly in every language. If you do not want it to show under "Services" then you must change STR#302 line #1 (second line). Anything written there will show on the phone ("$Object" is the variable for Object Name)

    If you change those STR#302:1 works remember to Set All Languages
    NOTE: In IffPencil the last 4 languages must be done (pasted in) manually.


    In STR#301 You'll find the text for the two message windows that can show when you are ordering the food. The NPC's thumbnail will show in the windows if it has a BMP_ resource. If not then no picture shows.

    Remember to 'Set for all Languages'.
    NOTE: In IffPencil the last 4 languages must be done (pasted in) manually.


    Sorry - Message and 'title' saying his name is "Freddy The Pizza Dude" cannot be controlled in these files. That's built into the socialinteractions.iff. It will display the picture of your custom NPC, though.

    The cost of the delivery (currently Pizza) is set in BCON 4105
    When mousing over an object or NPC the name of it shows in a tip tool SO rename your food and your NPC accordingly. These should not need to be Set For All Languages Most important is the name of the Phone Plug-in as it's name is displayed on the phone's interaction menu.
Place the iff file into you’re the Sims\Downloads folder or one of it’s subfolders.
No Skins are included in this zip because the original Pizza Dude's outfit is used for the base object

May work with Living Large, Definitely works with House Party and higher.