The Service Staff are household or commercial staff who do the cleaning, repairing, and gardening. (Nannies would fall under this designation as well, if we had any!)

With the exception of the bus boys (who are for commercial lots only), these NPCs were designed as household staff (residential), but may also be used in a more limited fashion on (commercial) "away" lots.

Full Service Housekeepers
take care of it all, cleaning, cooking, repairs and gardening.

Graphics for Dorota's sink from Ferndale Sims
Dorota, the magical maid (MM required)

Dorota is a magical being, captured by Mr. Zdongk who brought her directly to your average Sim's home! Despite her misfortune, she will perform her duties without complaint - washing dishes, tending the gardens, effecting repairs and wiping tables. Please treat her well and give her an easel she may use!

Dorota may be used on residential or on away lots.

Interesting object making note: Dorota is not based on Servo! Scilla started out cloning a light housekeeping NPC but quickly realized she'd rather have a full service housekeeper so we built that from the bottom up. We collaborated on the project in a forum thread which is now available for anyone who's like to follow along with our false starts, mistakes, identification and solving of common issues and discussions about design.

Servants' Quarters objects for Dorota's room

The collaboration thread may now be viewed here: The Drawing Board >> PROJECT: Magic Maid (Complete!)
The 'prequel' to that thread can be found here: Simblesse Oblige >> Magic Crystals - new ability (Palm Reading) possible?

Light Housekeeping Help
a little extra help around the house.

These NPCs help keep the place tidy albeit at a somewhat lackadaisical pace. There are even some things they will ignore altogether (beds, for instance, and they don't scrub plumbing) so they make up for it by also getting rid of roaches. Additional tasks vary depending on the personality and abilities of each NPC.

Again, these are not designed to be servo alternatives. They simply pitch in and take the edge off for a family that is already taking care of their place.

The Mundane

Olde Worlde Scullery Maid with water barrel

The scullery maid's primary duty is dishwashing, but, being only human, she'll also take care of trashpiles, floods, and any other little thing else that seems like it could use her attention. Making Beds and scrubbing plumbing she'll leaves for the upstairs maid, however. Obviously receiving guests and taking care of the accounts falls to the butler so she'd never dream of doing either and she fully understands it's the Nanny's job to tend the children.

The nameless' scullery maid's sink, a wash barrel, is a hacked pedestal sink. It may be used from any side allowing multiple Sims to use it at once. In keeping with the period theme, kids wont use the step stool when they wash their hands. Unfortunately, it does still show up when they wash dishes. Also in keeping with the Ye Olde-iness of it all, the maid's sponge has been swapped out for a generic dishrag. She does still whip out ye newe sponge mop for spills. To make up for it I have her stomp roaches to get rid of them - no spray can. Her goal is just to keep them out of the house though so she wont chase them down.

The scullery maid was our first Light Housecleaning Maid. Consequently, whole series became popularly known as Scullery Maids and clones are referred to as scullery maid clones, even when the theme is changed or they are based on Aubrey, who has additional features.

Aubrey, Dish Technician with a modern counter sink

Like the scullery maid, Aubrey's primary task is some basic cleaning, but Aubrey will also water the potted plants you have inside, refill the pet bowls and help with house training.

Aubrey is dressed in modern clothes, and uses a modern sink (maxis graphics)

I think she might still stomp roaches like her scullery maid predecessor. I'd planned on restoring the normal bug spray can for her but left that for last so Ruth at Bag of Tricks could clone her for a Tiki version without the spray can. I can't recall if I ever did get round to it.

The Magical (MM required)

These Light Housekeeping NPCs are not only skinned to suit themed games, the MM's magical spell effects are used as part of their character.

Nasegl The Helpful

This magical silver-grey nymph does most of the washing up, refills the pet bowls, helps with house training, and waters the occasional plant.

She also practices magic for the fun of it (this magic practice is just for show. None of it harms or upsets any sims and it wont contribute to your lot's magic counter so no magical floral)

Nasegl's flower sink is a hacked pedestal sink that may be used from any side allowing multiple Sims to use it at once. In keeping with the fantasy theme, kids wont use the step stool when they wash their hands. Unfortunately, it does still show up when they wash dishes.

Base Graphics for Nasegl's flower sink by's "Fay Willow Bathroom"

For Commercial Lots Only

Busboys - for commercial lots only

Extra busboys for away lots that find themselves overrun with dishes. Each appliance or health certificate spawns one busboy. Multiple appliances and health certificates can be placed on a single lot if needed. The appliance is categorized with all other dishwashers, the health certificate is categorized in Decorations.