This page contains some hacked appliances (fridges, coffee maker, and stoves). Apartment hacked versions and matching kitchen sets can each be found on their respective pages.

Basic Bases in Basic White

Brawn-Y Coffee Maker Base

Brawn-Y Coffee Maker

It has long been a mystery why automatic coffee makers leech so much of the coffee bean's natural caffeine in the brewing process, but it is a fact that the coffee brewed in standard pots has hardly any energy benefit to Sims.

Sims have thus often resorted to adding pure caffeine essence to their coffee, which unfortunately can become habit forming. The Society has developed a new brewing process featuring mesh rather than solid filtration devices, to ensure none of the bean's natural caffeine is wasted. Your Sim will enjoy a substantial energy boost, without being a total 'green up'. No EP required

OBJECT MAKER NOTE: If your recolor would look better with a black topped carafe, use one of the darker recolors as your base and don't forget to include the custom prop in your zip

The Pastry Toaster Oven
uses some custom food (included)

Do your Sims like warm donuts, muffins and pastry, and nice hot crunchy toast on which to spread their jam? Don't stick them with a microwave and soggy sweets, buy them this very special SSoW Pastry Toaster Oven instead! Keep in mind that your Sims can still cook regular meals with this versatile appliance, presuming they'll still even want to eat "regular" food after filling up on the treats!

This Pastry Toaster Oven is part of SSoW's tribute to Ines Sims Bakery. No EP is required, and the following required custom food files from Ines Sims Bakery are included:

Ines Sims Bakery: Donut, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Muffins, Streusel, Toast and Jam

CREDITS: The pastry and breads included are from Inés' Sim Bakery!

Snack-ro-Wave Microwave Base
uses some custom food (included)

Snack-ro-wave Oven

Tired of heating the same old meals every day? The Society's new 'snack-ro-wave' technology reinvents the microwave, allowing Sims a wider range of choices in convenience food.

Heat Nachos, Pizza, Hot Dog, Burger or Popcorn for a quick snack: no fridge required. (2 Custom food files included.) No EP required

Also functions as a regular microwave (Sims can prepare meals from the fridge in it).

Stove & Grill Combined

Stove/Grill Combo Base

This appliance is both a stove and a BBQ grill. Sims with less than 8.5 points of cooking skill will gain a minor boost in their cooking with each use. Never Catches Fire. No EP Required

This base serves Maxis' burgers. For one that also serves custom foods (by Around the Sims) see the Nearly Napa Kitchen Set.

OBJECT MAKER NOTE: The grill's graphic is a too small on this base - you should make it larger on yours.

uses custom animations (included)

mini Fridge

The custom animations that are required for adults to use the this fridge are included in the zip. These animations were jury rigged from c2o animations associated with the 'at-home' bar that allows a child to grab a soda from the fridge below the bar.

The top may be used as a counter high surface by the player but the appliance is not recognized as such by the Sims or by other counters when they are deciding whether they should update to a corner or not (as such, they will not). Sims wont place newspaper or mail on the is surface, will not prepare foods on this surface, and will not serve foods on this surface. No EP Required

OBJECT MAKER NOTE: The fridge's interior (I think?) Z buffer has 3 stray pixels that make white dots show up on the top of the fridge. I didn't notice until I made a darker colored fridge and have not yet fixed that in the base. You'll want to make sure you locate and lighten them in your fridges, though.

Well Stocked Fridge Base

Well Stocked Fridge Base

Have you ever hungered for a snack other than a bag of chips? Have ever thirsted and were unable to find a vending machine? The Society's new and improved refrigerators hold not only the essentials for making your meals, they are also fully stocked with a variety of snacks and beverages you can enjoy between meals.

Snacks include Maxis snack chips, Apple, Berries and Sandwich. (sandwich appears for HD or Vacation installs only). Beverages include Beer, Juice, Soda and Iced Tea (only juice and soda drinks are available to child Sims). No EP required


Sorry! I have not made a Dishtrasher hacked dishwasher in basic white yet, but you can use the one from the Nearly Napa Kitchen Set (or its Apartment hacked version) as your base. Sinks can be found on the Kitchen Items page.

Appliance Recolors

New in February 2007!! We've gotten permission from Bag of Tricks to add one of their custom meals to our Well Stocked Fridges with Glass Doors. You'll find the file included with the fridge zips now but if you have that gorgeous medieval buffet table from Simblesse Oblige (the one with the grandiose peacock centerpiece) you'll already have this meal installed and wont need to install it a second time.

This is a great quick meal - a plate of hearty bread, cheese and fruit. Since no cooking or food preparation is required it's great for folks running a little late for work and kids can make the meal themselves.

Bachman Bar Match
Bachman Bar Fridge
Bachman Minifridge
White with Glass Doors
white well stocked fridge
Well Stocked Fridge
Colonial Blue with glass doors
colonial blue appliances
Well Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee Maker
Malibu Pink with Glass Doors
pink appliances
Well Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee Maker
Black with Clear Glass Doors
black fridge
Well Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee
White with Smoked Glass Doors
black fridge
Well Stocked Fridge
Snack-ro-wave Oven
BRIGHT Red with Glass Doors
SSoW not responsible for any blindness caused by owning these appliances.
red appliancesWell Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee Maker
Snack-ro-wave Oven
Now Available in Harvest Gold!
harvest gold fridge & coffee
Well Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee Maker
Now available in Avacado!
avocado fridge & coffee
Well Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee Maker
Now Available in Chocolate!
chocolate fridge & coffee
Well Stocked Fridge
Brawn-Y Coffee Maker
Purple Appliances
Download purple appliances with the Black Orchid Kitchen Set