The Bakery Box

  Bakery Box (+ pastries files): A sudden, unexpected collaboration has resulted in a unique new hybrid! Is it a bread box? Is it a pastry box? No, it's both!

SSoW is proud to present your carbohydrate loving Sims with the Bakery Box by Candall of Candlelight Sims (graphics) and Yersinia of SSoW (hacking).

The Bakery Box stores fresh bread, toast with jam, and delightful donuts, blueberry and chocolate muffins, and even cinnamon streusel, all freshly baked at Ines Sims Bakery! All it takes to spoil your Sims with these fine delicacies is a simple click of the mouse.

The Bakery Box may be placed on the floor or surfaces and has no EP requirements but it does require the following included custom food files:

Ines Sims Bakery: Donut, Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Muffins, Streusel, Toast and Jam
C&C Enterprises: Fresh Bread

Bakery Box Recolors (pastries not included)

Food NOT included

Food NOT included

Food NOT included

Brushed finish
Food NOT included

Please download the original bakery box (above) or visit Ines' Sim Bakery and C&C Enterprises if you need the required food files.

CREDITS: The pastry and breads included are from Inés' Sim Bakery and C&C Enterprises!

The 'Dish Trasher' Hack
now available sinks!

This hack allows sims to dispose of BBQ meals in a sink or dishwasher instead of requiring a trash bin. Sloppy sims, who would not have used a trash bin in the first place, will still throw the meal onto the floor, creating a trash pile. No EP is required for this hack.

Our "Dish Trasher" hack was originally introduced in a dishwasher appliance as part of the Nearly Napa Gourmet Kitchen set and is the perfect compliment to the custom grilled foods being created on several sites and to any gourmet kitchen that wouldn't dream of serving foods on paper plates!

Related: The Nearly Napa Gourmet's Kitchen set includes both a dish trasher hacked dishwasher and a dish trasher hacked sink.

The Large Capacity Trash Bin

This cylinder style kitchen trash can is larger in size and hacked to hold more trash than the Maxis bin before it needs to be emptied, making it a wonderful substitute for trash compactors on lots where electronics are out of place (or lots where trash compactors are out of place)

Never need emptying when used on location lots.

(broken links repaired Dec 9, 19)

Large Capacity Trash Can Base
White Base
No EP required
Large Capacity Trash Can Base
Barrel trash bin
No EP required

Large Capacity Trash Can Base
No EP required

Large Capacity Trash Cans

Additional colors may be found bundled with the kichenette sets

RELATED: Check out Madoria's Line Kitchen Bases Theme for a Large Capacity Trash Can Base with a great new look!

Looking for a different type trash bin?

You'll find our "Dishposal" Bins designed for eateries in the Ines' Sim Bakery sets and "Convenient" (Never full) trash cans in the Convenience Store set