The Nearly Napa Sets
Inspired by the Rustic Elegance of Napa Valley

The Nearly Napa Kitchen

Grill Kebobs - ATS BBQ  foods reqired
Grill Kebobs

Grill fish - ATS BBQ  foods reqired
Grill Fish
Napa Kitchen Set
Grill potatoes - ATS BBQ  foods reqired
Grill Potatoes

Grill Sausages  - ATS BBQ  foods reqired
Grill Sausages

The 'Brux' Dining chair and bottles and hanging lights shown in the set picture are all from Around the Sims.
Credits: Lighted Wall Cabinet base from Around the Sims

Nearly Napa Kitchen Cabinets
(pictured above) includes 1 kitchen counter and 2 lighted wall cabinets (TS) which have been modified to never break since I had trouble changing burnt light bulbs with a counter in the way! (You'll find the bar counter below with th e patio bar)

MM Baker's Oven Gift from Aunt B!
Nearly Napa Baker's Oven

MM required; Base by

Nearly Napa Fridge by Aunt B

AuntB, lovely lady that she is, has made for us all a refrigerator to match! Tres funky, no? It gets better! This is one of those ultra swank ones with separate doors for fridge and freezer and the freezer compartment on the bottom.

Cook the best glop in town!Grill burgers
Nearly Napa Kitchen Stovetop Grill

This gourmet stove features a smokeless charcoal griller in addition to traditional gas burners. State-of-the-art SSW_Fire-proof Safety Grates make this component perfect for a stress-free grilling experience for even the most inexperienced cook while the rustic elegance of Napa Valley will inspire the better chefs (5+ cooking) to grill more creative dishes (the grilled fish, potatoes, kebabs, and sausage created by Around the Sims for their custom BBQs. Used and included with permission. YAY! Thanks, Sandy!!) No EP Required.

Nearly Napa Sink Gobbles those burgers right up!
Nearly Napa Kitchen 'Dishtrasher'
Nearly Napa 'Dishtrasher' Sink

The dishtrasher hack allows Sims to of their BBQ meals in the dishwasher or sink instead of a trash bin. A trash bin will still be needed for Snack and Pizza boxes and other trash (including the pile that results from sims throwing the BBQ meal on the floor. The dish trasher only accepts them while they are still in plate form.) This hack does not interfere with the dishwasher/sink's normal functions in anyway. Normal dishes can still be washed and sims can still wash their hands in the sinks. No EP Required.

Nearly Napa Food Shelf

These shelves are stocked with everything needed to make basic meals (including a cook's guide to study). This "built in" shelf does not actually require a wall. It is a free standing object allowing you to place it against faux walls, cabinets or anything else you'd like. No EP required!

Note for object makers: This fridge object was made with pre and non-electric themes in mind. The sounds and the door opening animations have been removed and the bag of chips snack has been swapped out for a piece of fruit cake.

Download: The Nearly Napa Patio Bar Set

  • 1 Nectar Bar (MM),
  • 1 bar counter - plain(HD+),
  • 1 bar counter - nectar/wine racks (3-in-1 Hack)
  • 1 mini fridge (the top is a surface)

The Nectar Bar has been lowered to counter height.

The plain bar counter was previously included with the kitchen set so you may already have it installed.

The new nectar/wine rack built into the second bar counter (not pictured) does not serve nectar or wine - it is purely decorative. But the counter has been hacked to rearrange the bottles a bit for more variation.

The the bar's mini fridge is a fully functioning fridge that can also be used as additional counter space.