White Stone Patio Bar set

  • 1 Mini Fridge
  • 1 Nectar Bar (MM)
  • 1 plain counter (HD+)
  • 1 "Nearly Nectar" counter (HD+)

The custom nectar bar work just like the original MM Nectar bar but has been lowered to line up with counter tops.

The the bar's mini fridge is a fully functioning fridge that can also be used as additional counter space.

The new nectar/wine rack built into the Nearly Nectar Collections bar counter does not serve nectar or wine - it is purely decorative. But the counter has been hacked to rearrange the bottles a bit for more variation.

The Nearly Napa version of this patio set can be found on the Nearly Napa set page

The Hack: A Built-in Barbecue Grill

shasta grillSpend your time entertaining guests and enjoying your party, not putting out fires and running trash to the curb.

These patio sets feature our Built in Barbecue (BBQ) Grill, a single tile grill that will not start fires and is hacked to allow counters placed next to it to 'corner' is the perfect base for 'built in' patio sets, as shown with the matching counter and a trash can that never needs emptying.

Original Barbecue grills are not at counter height so a custom SLOT resource was made for this item. This allows the grilling foods to sit properly in the center of the grill.

Shades of Shasta BBQ Patio set

Download Shasta BBQ set
  • No Burn, Built-in BBQ (TS)
  • matching counter (HD or Higher)
  • Large Capacity Trash Can (TS)
  • Dining chair (TS)
  • Single Tiled dining table (TS)
  • Candle (TS)
  • Column (TS)

DSCali's Santa Barbara Patio BBQ set

updated* and archived - originally available from Deviant Sim
Download Santa Barbara BBQ set
  • No Burn, Built-in BBQ (TS) **
  • Matching counter (HD or Higher)
  • Wicker dining chair (TS)
  • Single tiled dining table (TS)
  • Candle (TS)
  • "Auto-emptying" trash can (TS)

Side-note from Raeven: This patio set was originally released without a BBQ Grill. I loved this set and was so inspired by it that I hacked my very first BBQ grill to go with it and all other SSOW BBQ grills (to date) have been based on that one :)

DSCali's Black Stone Patio BBQ set

Download BlackStone BBQ set
  • No Burn, Built-in BBQ (TS) *
  • Matching counter (HD or Higher) **
  • Dining chair (TS)
  • Single tiled dining table (TS) **
  • Candle (TS)
  • Column (TS)
  • Floor tile (flr)


* The grill has been updated with a few minor fixes.

** The original counter and table were based on J.Swiftgul's Love Surfaces hack (requiring animations from Needful Things). These 2 items have been replaced with family friendly versions more in keeping with The Secret Society of Woobsha.

Mix-n-Match Black Iron Patio set (Breakfast Hacked)

5 piece Black Iron Patio set (TS) and Brick Planterbox Fence (TS)

These sideboards and dining tables are hacked to be more attractive than other surfaces for serving and eating food between the (sim) hours of 2:00am and 10:00am encouraging sims to take breakfast on the patio while still eating other meals in the dining room. (Breakfast foods not included)

Breakfast hacked Patio furniture
Patio sideboard with cobalt tiles (TS)
1-tiled patio table with green mosaic (TS)
Wrought iron patio chair (TS)

Breakfast hacked Patio furniture
Patio sideboard with decorative tiles (TS)
1-tiled patio table with cobalt tiles (TS)
Brick planter fencing (red flowers) (TS)

Additional Hack: The patio surfaces are hacked to recognize Simlogical's Seasons Hack. During "Winter" sims will not serve or dine outside during the winter season unless no other dining area is available. This furniture will still attract the breakfast crowd if placed indoors during Winter.

Base Graphics Credits: Patio surfaces (dining table and sideboard) by Around the Sims; Dining chair by Parsimonious