Granita-match Buffet Sideboard and Wet bar

Granita match bar
Shown with 'anywhere' social drinking bar bottles.

'Granita Match' wetbar set

Set of 3 - a sink and 2 overhead cabinets based on wall lights (re-hacked in Feb of 2007 so the bulb never burns out.)
CREDITS: Original sink by Around the Sims, Base for Overhead cabinets by Madoria

Sideboard with Salad & Dessert Buffet:

This buffet table wont work with the caterer NPC (I forgot all about him when making it. oops.)

Two-tiled functioning sideboard - This sideboard has a higher "Serving Surface Function" value than counters do. This allows you to place the sideboard in your Sim's dining room, encouraging the Sims to walk right past the kitchen counters and serve the meals they have prepared on there.

Self Serve Salad & Desert Buffet - This compact party favorite also has a built in buffet feature that serves salad & dessert plates. On non-residential lots, the buffet is always full.

Designed for a built in look - Counters placed next to this sideboard will 'corner' for a built in look. The cabinetry is a perfect match for Maxis' Granita counters and the DTS counters (without the black "granita" top).

Additional Surface Space that wont interfere with the buffet function - When not being used as a self-serve buffet table, the sideboard also functions as a additional surface space that both player and sim can place things on. When you have your Sim set the buffet out, the objects that are on top the sideboard become 'hidden' but remain functional. When you have your Sim clean the buffet up after eating, the objects that were on the surface reappear.
No EP required.

RELATED: An apartment hacked version is also available.
A generic "Convert To" object has also been create to turn any surface into a functioning sideboard.
Several variations of sideboards are available at SSoW, with and without built-in buffet functions.

 image: clean up NOTE: About placing objects on the sideboard:

Multiple objects can be placed on the sideboard, and your Sim will continue to serve meals on the surface as long as the center space on at least one side of the sideboard is free. The player will need to exercise some care in the kinds of objects placed on the sideboard before the buffet is set. Sims can still see and use objects that are hidden from your sight so a radio that is on will continue to play music, and Sims will dance to it. If you place a punchbowl or the bar drinks on the buffet and then serve, your Sims will also be able to take drinks "from" the buffet, though you won't see the punchbowl or bar graphics. If you leave an old meal plate on the buffet, it will spawn flies over your buffet, so S.S.o.W. recommends cleaning up any old leftovers before you set the buffet for guests.

Lapis Tile Bar Set

Lapis bar set Lapis Tile Bar set:
(Shown with 'anywhere' social drinking bar bottles.)

  • Counter (HD or Higher)
  • Sink (TS)
  • Neon Star wall light (LL)
  • Bar Stool Chair (LL)
  • Round Dining table (TS).

Sink base by Around the Sims

2 tile Salad & Dessert Buffet

Two tile Cheap Table Buffet
No EP required.

Two tiles Self Serve Buffet serves salad & dessert plates only, charging 15$ per plate instead of the traditonal 25.

This version does not have the additional surface or sideboard functions or extra clean-up animations that come with the Granita match sideboard.

'Social Drinking' home bar bottles

Tired of buying home bars that don't suit your style just so you can drink alone? S.S.o.W. bar drinks can be placed on any surface, so you don't have to worry about clashing with your decor. Make drinks for your guests & drink with them while socializing.

These home bar bottles can be placed on any counter, table, or desk. Your Sim have the option to 'have a drink' for a quick snort or 'make drinks' for a whole crowd of people allowing visiting Sims to drink and socialize. Sims will wash up the leftover glasses, and then those with HD+ will wipe off the surface the drinks are sitting on with a sponge: placing a sink nearby makes cleanup more convenient. On non-residential lots, the bar is always full. No EP required.

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The Tubs of Beer

beer tubs

'Refreshing' beer tub (right) allows Sims to choose randomly from the bottled and can beers for a boost of fun. Two Sims can drink at the same time, but it is not a social object. Visitor enabled. Not the same object as the 'party' beer tub: if you have HP, you can use both objects in your game at once.
No EP required.

'Party' beer tub (HP) (left) is based on the punch bowl from House Party: Sims will take 3 kinds of bottled beer and 1 can beer from the tub, and socialize while drinking. Drinking this beer raises fun and social when more than one Sim drinks.
Requires HP.

2 'Party' Beer Tubs
in Copper and Steel
Requires HP.