This page is a catchall for extra room sets. Any rooms that fit into a theme or are part of a mega-set can be found on that page. Kitchens, dining, patios, and recreation rooms can be found on their respective pages.

Melissa (CaliSim) contributed to many other sites both before and after co-founding this website with me. One of them, Deviant Sim (for ages 18+), has closed down. I have replaced some of the DSCali objects with family-friendly versions and am making her sets available here. They use Melissa's original graphics.

Lydia Wickham Bedroom

Deepfoam Living

Black Metal Living

Isabelle Archer Bathroom Set

Heather's Dream (Mixed Set)

Heather is a character from Melissa's sim-soap, California Simmin'. You can still Meet Heather and her daughter Amber thanks to Simlogical, who hosts an archive of the entire series!

While Heather's Dream was originally distributed (at Deviant Sim) as separate zips. This zip contains 4 of those zips bundled together as a single download:,,, and (I believe additional sets were created and will add them here if they ever become available to me.)