NPA Page 3 : S.S.o.W. Hacked Bases

While all of SSoW's objects are cloneable, these objects are additional ones Object Makers may find more useful starting points than our finished products.

NPA Page 2 : EZ Clone Objects

Some "objects" are really a set of objects working together. Traditionally these objects are found as separate Iff Files and so must be cloned separately. The object maker must then do a bit of hacking inside of each object to make the new set work properly again. EZ Clone objects are all in a single iff file, eliminating the need for GUID hacking.

NPA Page 1 : No/Low EP Bases

These bases retain Maxis graphics and function but will work in a wider range of game configurations. In most cases the expansion pack requirements have simply be removed or additional coding has been included that will keep them from crashing unpatched games.