Update History, 2016

Dec 23, 2016

Added a new anywhere light and merged the separate lighting pages into a single page
Better Decor and Lights
Lights page
    New Object Added
  • 1 Anywhere Light: Crumplebottom Chandelier in Gold

July 7, 2016

Added a TSO section, a Roofs page to Build, and deleted the Robot Factory page, reorganizing its downloads
The Sims Online (TSO)
TSO Objects & Matches
Gifts Received
    New Objects Added
  • Elevators (TSO graphics)
    Moved from Yahoo!Group/The Drawing Board
  • Fountain (TSO graphics)
  • Awning (TSO graphics)
  • "TSO" Loft Beds (matches TSO graphics)
  • "ATS" Loft Beds (matches ATS graphics)
  • Traditional Thatch Roof in 4 colors
  • Traditional Thatch Roof with hint of binding in 5 colors
  • Tribal Thatch Roof in 3 colors
    Reorganized within the site
  • Robot Factory (now downloaded in TSO Objects)
  • Steampunk Electronics from Aponee (now downloaded in Gifts Received)
  • Steampunk Gadgets from SimNut1 (now downloaded in Gifts Received)

June 23, 2016

Page Updated
Gifts Received
    New Objects Added
  • Sweet Tooth Ice-cream Machines from Olena

June 21, 2016

Added a new "Tributes and Add-ons" section
A tribute to Bunny Wuffles
Victorian Turkish Bathhouse Spa & Reading Room Add-ons
    New Objects Added
  • 1 tiled Spa Steamer (SS)
  • 1 tiled Spa tub (SS)
  • 4 tiled spa benches (introducing a new hack)
  • 2 sofasaurus recolors
  • 1 Bookshelf & magazine display (unisex)
  • 3 Library News Racks (fun object)

June 11, 2016

Added a "Gifts" section
Gifts Received
    New Objects Added
  • 5 Rugs of Deposit from Mathieu
  • 3 WoW Goodies from Simnut1
  • 4 Vintage Posters of Produce from Aponee

January 15, 2016

Replaced All "Better NPC" pages with
Better NPCs
Service Staff
Custom Clerks
Other NPCs
    New Objects Add
  • Dorota, the magical maid (Full Service Housekeeper)
  • NPC Only chess table
  • NPC Only Easel
  • Nasegl the Helpful (light service cleaner)
  • Simstrolo the Bard (mascot-style entertainer)
    Moved from Yahoo Group/The Drawing Board
  • Aubrey the Dish Technician (light service cleaner)
  • Busboy (for commercial lots) spawned by health certificate
  • EZ Clone Custom Delivery Dude BASE object (useless for players)
    Objects Updated
  • All Custom Cashiers are now Home Enabled
  • The Garden Center Clerk can now water gardens on Location lots (+ rough edges smoothed)

January 1, 2016

Replaced All "Better Kitchen", "Better Entertaining", and "Crops and Gardens" pages with
Work-At-Home Sets (generates income)
The Vineyard and Fresh Grape Jammery (with Grab-n-Go Snacks display)
Green Gardener Kitchen & Fresh Tomato Canning
Better Kitchens
Kitchen Items (Bread box, Pastry toaster, sinks, trash bins)
Kitchen Appliances (fridges, coffee maker, snack-ro-wave, mini fridge, stove/grill)
Matching Kitchens & Dinettes
Nearly Napa Kitchen & Patio Bar
Better Entertaining
Patio Sets (Breakfasts, Nectar Bars, and BBQs)
Rec Rooms Sets & items (includes social drinking and beer tubs)
Dance Club Items (Dance floors for homes and clubs)
    New Objects Added
  • Nearly Napa Nearly Nectar Collection counter (New Hacked Counter)
  • White Stone Nearly Nectar Collection counter (New Hacked Counter)
  • DSCali's Black Orchid Kitchen Set (love surfaces replaced)
  • DSCali's Red and Black Dinette Set (love surface replaced)
  • DSCali's Blue and Black Dinette Set (love surface replaced)
    Some zips were repackagaed
  • All Vineyard Zips (+ additional files added)
  • The tomato crop and canning station
  • The Nearly Napa kitchen cabinets
  • The Nearly Napa patio bar (+ new and additional files added)
  • White Stone Patio Bar
    Yahoo Group items were moved to the website (some were updated)
  • 2 decorative grape baskets (added to the Vineyard Bakery zip)
  • 1 Snack Basket of grapes (added to the vineyard kitchen zip)
  • The Nearly Napa Patio Bar objects (now bundled with Napa bar counter + new counter + updated minifridge)
  • The white stone patio bar objects (+ new counter + updated minifridge)
  • Mini Fridge Base
  • Mini Fridge Bachman Bar Match
  • Stove /Grill Base
  • 2 beer tubs
  • social drinking with wooden stand