Convenience store style Shop Displays: The perfect size for the small corner shop, this convenience store style display also works great for 'impulse buy' displays in larger markets. All displays feature a 'Browse' function that works even with no EP, on home & location lots: appropriate EPs are required to buy products in location shops. The food displays are more attractive to Sims with high cooking skills.

3 in 1 magazine rack

3 in 1 magazine rack: Those with Hot Date installed can purchase HD magazines in addition to the Browse function that is available to all.

This Magazine rack varies the graphics as you place it, choosing at random one of the 3 different styles built into this one file. This gives a bit of variey when placing several news racks without having to install seperate objects.
No EP required

snack display

Snack Display: Sims (including visitors) can buy 2 kinds of snack chips, the Maxis Snacker Crackers & new Baked Apple Crisps for a hunger boost. No cashier is needed for the purchase so is available on residential lots and in no-EP games. Sims will also browse the display.

Sims will throw out the snack wrappers, even if they are slobs who throw their trash on the floor at home, so place some trash cans nearby.
No EP required

Note for Object Makers: The snack chips are built into this display case, EZ-Clone style allowing you to re design the snack easily. You don't need to stick to bags of chips but remember the sims will eat using chips animations.


Honey and Baking displays
Honey & Baking Supplies: Those who have Making Magic installed will be able to purchase Honey (left) and Sugar & Baking Mix (right) in additon to the Browse option available to all.
No EP required

Candy & Pet displays
Candy & Pet Supplies: These displays sell Candy (left) if you have Hot Date and Pet Toys & Treats (right) if you have Unleashed in additon to the Browse option available to all.
No EP required

decorative displays
Decorative Displays: These displays don't sell anything, but your Sims can 'Browse' them.
No EP required

Drinks Display

Refrigerated Display Cases: Impress your customers with cold beverages and refrigerated dairy products, guaranteed not to spoil before purchase! Perfect for the smallest city corner shop right up to the largest mega-chain, S.S.o.W. refrigerated displays are guaranteed cold for a lifetime!

All 5 refrigerated displays feature 'Never-Frost' glass doors, guaranteed to stay crystal clear no matter how many times your customers open & close them. Sims will 'browse' these displays sometimes by opening the doors to look in, sometimes just looking through the glass. When they purchase, they open the doors & remove their product.

Townies etc. will browse from all refrigerated displays & buy drinks, and the displays are all enabled for 'at home' browsing as well. Drinks display requires no EP to buy drinks, the purchase happens without a cashier interaction: drink buying functions on at home as well as location lots.


Refridgerated Display Case
Freezer Display, Browse function only, on home & location lots.
No EP required

Refridgerated Display Case
Dairy Display, Sells butter if you have MM installed, on location lots. Requires no EP for Sims to 'browse', on home & location lots.

Refridgerated Display Case Refridgerated Display Case
Cold Drinks Cases (Set of 2), Sims can buy from a menu of custom beverages from these 2 displays: beer, iced tea, soda, and 2 kinds of juices, which they drink on the spot for different effects. (only juice & soda are available to child Sims). Each drink appeals to Sims with different personalities. These displays come with skin files for the custom drinks: please read installation instructions in the enclosed read me file. Drinks are buyable on home & location lots, no cashier interaction involved, no EP required.


Beer fridge display
Beer Fridge Display: Refrigerated Beer display allows your Sims to choose at random between 3 kinds of bottled beer and 1 can beer. Only adult Sims can browse or purchase from this display. No EP required

Display Counters
'Impulse Buy' Shop Counters: Hacked counters have built in shelf displays filled with impulse buy items like candy & gum, which are 'browseable'. Comes in 2 styles, each with different corner graphics.(Get cashier Paulette in the 'Cashier NPCs' section) No EP Required

How are Shop Counters Hacked? Shop counters cannot be used for food preparation, any "Downtown" bar service, or food serving which should combat that pesky problem of sims BBQing on location lots and serving the platter in your shops. They do retain their "surface" function, however, so when used on a residential lots sims will still place mail, papers, etc. on them

Shop counters do not sell anything but sims have fun browsing at them. Sims will not browse a shop counter that has a cash register on it, eleminating the risk of a browsing sims blocking sales any purchases: you can put objects & real counter displays on the counters, and Sims will be able to browse the counters and use the displays.

Object Makers will find a "blank" (Empty shelf counter base) our 'Hacked Bases' section

Drink Posters

Readable Drink Advertising (Set of 5): (L to R) Purple Passion Fruit Punch, Claire Bear's Berry Bonanza, Raevensbeck Lager #1, Raevensbeck Lager #2, Calisims Herbal Buzz Iced Tea.

Food Posters

Readable Food Advertising (set of 2): 'Happy Dairy' Brand dairy products & Snackers Brand crackers.

Happy Dairy Poster

Hacked Advertising Posters are 'readable': your Sim can be directed to read the posters & a box will pop up to give you information about the prduct advertised. The various posters are more attractive to different Sim personalitiesn and have 4 rotations; no mirrored images or backwards letters.

Trash cans for urban interiors; Works on both home and location lots, and never needs emptying. No Expansion Pack required.

Recycle bin
Recycle Bin: Recycling bin for urban exteriors in pink granite. Works on both home & location lots, and never needs emptying. HD or Higher required

gold permalamp and deco register

'Permalamp' ceiling light in Gold, cloned from the Sim Logical permalamp, this ceiling light requires no EP & never turns off.

Decorative cash register (buy under Decorative/Misc) is just for decoration: no cashier is spawned from it on any lot. No EP required, base by Sim Logical.

Both objects are ideal for residential lot 'shops'.


Mailbox & Phone Booth Teleporters:
Need customers? Force them onto your lot!

Mailbox teleporter is cloned from the 'quick & dirty' teleporter bush from Sim Logical: summon any Sim to your lot, one at a time or a whole family at once. (no mail functions)

Phone Booth teleporter is cloned from the 'juniper bush' assignable teleporter from Sim Logical: assign it to one Sim, choose how they should dress & when they should be allowed to leave, and once you summon them, they will stay on the lot until you allow them to leave, staying overnight if you wish. (no phone functions)

Read more info in read me and at Sim Logical.

No EP required, works with all EPs.