Simnut1's Disco
A gift from Simnut1 to Raeven of The Secret Society of Woobsha

If your downloaded these files prior to September 22 2010, please redownload. Some GUID conflicts have been fixed. These files will overwrite the old ones.

Simnut's Disco

Simnut's Disco Set
(8 objects + walls and floors )
September 22 2010: New GUIDS

  • * DJ Booth (HP)
  • Dance Floor (HP)
  • Floor lamp (HD+)
  • Wall lamp (HD+)
  • Table lamp (HD+)
  • Ceiling lamp (TS)
  • Dining table (TS)
  • Dining chair (TS)

* Dj Booth Note: Maxis' DJ Z-Buffer wont use the DJ booth so it has been re-categorized for home use only.