The Secret Society of Woobsha was founded by Melissa and Raeven. Each has worked on and contributed to a variety of sites and groups/forums.

One such contribution was of a "harvest" plant base that Raeven crafted (and named Woobsha) in response to a request at the Deviant Sims Cafe Yahoo Group. Melissa saw potential in this harvest plant and determined to make other crops with it. When she contacted the hacker to tell her about it, she found Raeven thinking along the same lines but felt the base could use a few more features first.

This was the beginning of the wonderful, laidback partnership that grew into The Secret Society of Woobsha website.

Melissa, also known as Calisims, dabbles in many types of sims creation but is primarily an Object Maker.

She has moderated at several sims groups/forums, runs several Sims websites such as California Simmin' (a massive sims soap opera site) and The Sims Apartment Group (a yahoo group built on the Simlogical Apartment hack) and is a HUGE contributor in the Sims Community. Melissa, a mac user, has also put a good deal of energy into learning how to make and manage sims files on a mac, information she then passed on to others. SSoW's mac friendliness is entirely due to Melissa's hard work, patient explanations and testing-testing-testing.

Melissa has retired from SSoW but has left behind a storage room full of designs and graphics that will continue to appear in our updates for quite a while.

Raeven is primarily a Sims Hacker but her interest in "how things work" has lead her to learning all aspects of Sims creation.

Before SSoW was formed Raeven's work was a bit scattered through the Sims Community and most of it was is in the form of answering trouble shooting and creation questions. Several of those long winded answers developed into full blown tutorials and a position at Sims College as the Entry Level Hacking instructor. These days she can be found most often in the Hacker's Hideout at Simblesse Oblige Forums. Raeven delights in the small details and the extent one can customize an object an can almost always be found with a cup of coffee at hand.

Annette is a talented lot designer and object maker with a special knack for "starter" downloads.

Annette's laid back, playful style and love of all things "kitsch" are definitely reflected in her work. She uses GIMP, the free graphics program, for making objects so has been learning both at the same time. The Society found this enchanting woman at the now defunct Green Sims Message Board and instantly recognized her love of learning and of sharing as "SSoW through and through". More of her work (in the form of Landscaped lots, tutorials and tons of encouraging, helpful posts) can be found at Simblesse Oblige Forums.

Yersinia is a hopelessly addicted Simoholic who has withdrawal symptoms on those infrequent occasions she goes for a day or two without actually playing the game. She was happy to be a download junkie and never intended to become a creator of any kind. However, over time, necessary game repairs, maintenance and tiny little tweaks to fine tune her Very Serious Original Theme Game brought her too close to the event horizon of that quantum singularity known as Sims object hacking. Helplessly trapped in this massive gravity well with nothing but her Mac, IFF Snooper and printouts of the ELH course, she found herself in the halls and classrooms of Simdom's renowned institution of higher learning, Sims College, where she slowly became a hacker.

Quite some time after having barreled head-on into Raeven at the Mad Scientists' Supply Store in the Downtown district of Simblesse Oblige, Yersinia discovered that her eccentric Professor had been quietly slipping mind altering extracts from the Woobsha plant into her coffee while she was busy taking notes during some rather extensive tutoring sessions. She realizes that this was necessary to get important knowledge into her solid neutronium skull, celebrates Professor Raeven for having done it, but now strongly suspects it to have had the side effect of flooding her brain cells with sufficiently high (near toxic) concentrations of pure Woobiscus fredishacom to write a couple of Mac hacking tutorials herself. Until this hypothesis is disproven, she will remain convinced that this is what qualified her to become a member of the Secret Society.

Candall's origin as a Sims hacker began with a hex editor and the kind tutelage of many friendly people such as SB_Wotty and Scott McDonnell. As the years rolled on and more efficient means of hacking became available, Candall continued to occasionally release items on his site, "CandleLight Sims," only to eventually disappear. After four years of silence, Candall returned to the Sims Community and happily accepted an invitation into the Secret Society of the Woobsha.