It always drove me crazy to take the time and simoleons to build a nursery for an infant that would be gone after 3 stressful days. There is just no opportunity to really enjoy playing a family that includes an infant. So here, I hope, is a graceful solution to that problem:

Forever Baby v.1
The buyable baby that never grows into a child.

This is not a "deco-only" cradle nor is it a "buyable" version of the Maxis cradle. It is a buyable bassinet with a Baby for your sims to care for but the infant never grows into a child. There is also no risk of the social worker taking the child (despite the message threatening otherwise.)

NOTE: The cribs have been moved to their own page.

Sring Happiness cradle
Spring Happiness*
No expansion pack required
(no additional files required)

Orange Floral with Dressing Gown
Orange Floral**
No expansion pack required
(required Dressing Gown skins files included)

Blue Floral with Ducky Blanket
Blue Floral**
No expansion pack required
(required Blanket skins files included)


  • Sims will care for the child autonomously. While all Sims will care for any of the baby's needs some personalities do have slight preferences. Neater sims will be more inclined to feed, playful sims will prefer playing with it and nice sims will prefer singing to it but, again, these differences are slight.
  • If the baby is very hungry Sims will wake it to feed it but they will never interrupt a sleeping baby to play or sing to it.
  • Babies do get rather cranky when tired and will cry for a while but, unlike Maxis babies, these babies will eventually fall asleep on their own once they are tired enough. Sims can soothe them to sleep with song instead, if you prefer.

    MOTIVE INCREASES: Any interaction with the baby will raise social a little. The "Play" interaction will also raise fun a little and simply being in the same room as the baby will also increase social a tiny bit at a time (if both the baby and the Sim are awake) until the Sim's social bar is nearly full.
    NOTE: As with all motives cheats you must consider the impact this will have on your game, being careful where you put the baby. A cradle in the living room means the family wont be motivated to interact with each other much - relatonships will suffer. A separate nursery, on the other hand, will allow Sims' social bars to drop enough that they will continue to socialize with each other.

    CUSTOM BABIES: I have tried to make each cradle a little different to provide a variety of bases for object makers so some of the cradles available come with custom babies while others use the Maxis infant. The additional skins files have been included for the downloads that don't use the Maxis infant.

    "APARTMENT READY": These are not apartment hacked objects but they have been made so all you Apartment Hack fans will need to do is import the Simlogical Apartment Patch into each cradle, replacing my 'placeholder' BHAV with the real one. The rest of the work has been taken care of.

  • * The Spring Happiness cradle was created as an entry for Simblesse Oblige's Spring Texture Challenge where you can find a variety of items using this same print (a Fat Strawberry texture)

    ** A wonderful and generous friend, Flanker of Enchanted Sims, has created lovely alternatives to the traditional Maxis Jammies in the form of 2 sets of custom babies! The first is a dressing gown and the second swaddles a baby in a warm blanket. If you'd like to replace Maxis' jammies with one of these gorgeous outfits, swing by Enchanted Sims where they are offered as default replacements. Like the Spring Happiness cradle, these two cradles were made using a texture from Fat Strawberry.

    This DIY Graphic image can be used to help with recoloring the Country Cribs (or for making other furniture).
    It is not an exact match for the sprites but can certainly be used as a rough guide for masking.
    Right-click to save image

    Some Sims Sites with Nursery items and Sets