Simnut1's Memorial Set '09
From SSoW and Simnut1, In Honor of all our Soldiers and their Families!

Memorial Set '09:
(Set of 5 - No EP)


This set includes two rug-o-matic based Memorial Banners for decorating high along walls or at rail height and three stunning Memorials (hacked).

The Eternal Flame, the Flags, and the Tomb are hacked "items of interest", a cross between TV and Artwork. Sims will stand (or sit) and gaze at them for a longer time than they usually do with art, but they wont get caught up in staring at them all day long as they might a television set. Fun is gained while appreciating these pieces and, if done as a group activity, social and relationships will also rise as they chat with each other.

Both the Tomb and the Flags change to suitable graphics at sunup and sundown. While the tomb may continue to be viewed throughout the night the flags will only be viewed while they fly during the day. The animated Eternal Flame, an actual light source, may also be viewed throughout the night.

All three items are slope, pond, and pool enabled "semi-rug" objects - while other objects may be placed on the same tile Sims wont walk through them. None of these objects require an expansion pack.

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