Seating and Surface Combined

These coffee tables have been hacked to allow sims to sit on them. The sims sit forward a little bit leaving room for an object in the center. This also leaves room for another sim to sit behind them. While two sims can sit on this item at the same time they are not technically sitting "together" so they don't chat with each other.

Offsetting the seat(s) from center meant having to learn how routing slots work. There's not much info about the SLOT resource out there but thanks to Peter Gould and Greg Noel's and their Sim Tech's SLOT Research page (hosted at Source Forge) and Don Hopkins for including the SLOT resource in the XML that Transmogifier generates I was able to poke and prod and have a ton of fun coming up with these super sturdy coffee tables. This base also makes a great stone fence for mail, papers or just hanging out.

2 tiled coffee table sims can sit on

2-tiled Travel Trunk Coffeetable/Seat
No EP Required

link corrected September 9, 2006

'Shop Counter'

Shop CountersHacked especially for use in shops, the food prep, service and bar functions have all been removed preventing sims from using these counters to serve meals on it. this is a common annoyance on non-residential lots that have a barbeque grill placed on them. These counters are still recognized as surfaces by sims so on residential lots they will place items (mail, newspapers, tabloids) on them.

Shop counters also allow adult and child Sims to 'browse' the front and corners of this counter as long as no functional cash register has been placed it so sales are never blocked. No actual purchases are made from this counter. To remove the "Broswe" interaction, simply disable both children and adults for "Browse" feature on the Interaction Menu (TTAB).

Browseable shop counters can be found in various sets in this site.
The Shop Counter Base is available as a Blank (empty shelves) on the hacked bases page.
No EP required

'Clutterable' Dresser

dresser with clutter on topA functioning dresser that allows you to use the top as a surface that will hold objects that have been flagged at "height 9", meaning any objects that will go on the souvenir (Vac) or awards (UL,SS) shelves/cabinets can be set on this dresser as well.

As height 9 did not exist until the Vacation/holiday expansion pack so Vacation (or higher) is required for the surface function, however, the dresser will work as a regular dresser for any or no EPs. If you clone this dresser and want to change the shape of the graphics, please note the height of your new dresser must match the height on this dresser for the clutter to sit properly.

Related Object: A no-EP Dresser without surface function can be found in with the NoEP Bases Section. That dresser can be any height.

'Clutterable' Dresser
No EP required

Luminous Counter Base

Counter with faux lightingLighting in the sims is far from realistic. While light can be seen on flooring and walls it does not "shine" on objects at all. This makes using "mood lighting" in your designs extremely difficult.

This counter (shown here aside the original Maxis counter) is not an actual light source but is, instead, a wonderful simulate lighting effect. The darkened counter top makes the "lighted" sections really show up beautifully in darkened rooms. (You can find a tutorial for applying this technique to any object in the Woobsha Workshop. Look for the "Illuminated Sprites" tutorials.)

Luminous Counter Base
Hot Date or higher required