The "Allow Intersect" Function
Allowing objects to intersect with other objects

AuntB writes:

     [Could you] tell me how to fix it so 2 items can be on the same tile... ?

I do that by using IffPencil. It's really rather simple but, as with all things, the more you now about the program you are using the simpler it is to do

Step 1 is to open your object in iffpencil and make a new BHAV that always "returns true".

  1. To make a new BHAV you right-click an empty space in the main window and choose Add.
    In the new window that pops up choose BHAV from the drop down menu and choose a number that has not been used already by another BHAV. You don't need to name it at all but I usually name it "allow intersect - true" for this hack.
  2. Open this bhav and add one line.
    To make a new line in a BHAV, open the BHAV by double clicking it in the main window. Then right click on an empty space in the BHAV editor window that opens. Choose "Add"
  3. Make this line end in True, True.
    Toward the right hand side of the window you'll find a Data Section. Type in "254" for both the True Line and for the False line.

Click OK to close the BHAV Editor window.

Step 2 is to assign this new BHAV to the object's "Allow Intersect" Function.

Double click the OBJf resource to open it.
On the line that reads "allow intersection" enter the BHAV number of the new bhav you just created into the first column ("tree")

Click OK to close the OBJf editor and save your object.
It now intersects with other objects.

Author: Raeven