The Society has an ancient saying, "Buy a Sim a pizza, and he'll eat for a day: Buy him a baker's oven and a recipe book, and he'll probably burn his house down." This section contains instructions for altering Society files and other tutorials.

Troubleshooting & Management

Annette B's Sims Trouble Shooting Guide
An extensive help file that breaks what (and why) things can go wrong with your game into plain language along with tips for preventing and fixing these problems.

Windows tutorial: PC: An introduction to Debug_objects Mode in The Sims

Mac tutorial: Mac Tip: Far your Skins and Animations

A Frequently Asked Question:
Which Folders Should I Backup to Keep Them Safe?


How'd They Hack That?
Hacking Tutorials and Walk-Throughs

General Sims Hacking Tutorials
Specific How To articles. (check the information section for more How-To info)

Sims Hacking Information
More general articles about hacking itself (that may also contain "tutorial" information).

Hacking Info A Description of the Main, INIT and Load BHAVs
"Entry Points"; Main, INIT and Load functions; A detailed look at a Main BHAV
Information every hacker needs to know. This article introduces you to the base routines, required in every object (the ones that tell it how to exist at all) and introduces you to the Object Function table (OBJf), which controls what BHAVs are triggered by the game itself.

Hacking Info Walk-through: Turning an Object into a Simple Light Source
HOW TO: Make any object into a "permalight" or a light on a timer. (screenshots show iffpencil)

Hacking Info Info: Using the Object Functions Tree
The OBJf resource / Find Best Object for Function / Run Functional Tree

SimAntics Reference Charts

Looking for more hacking tutorials? See the Tutorials List stickied in Simblesse Oblige's Hacker's Hideout forum