SimAntics Data Owners

Mark, of Simfully Yahoo Group, created a chart for use with IffPencil's four decimal Parameter fields. This chart lists all Data owners, along with 2 numbers. To use that chart you locate the 2 items you need to work with, choose the appropriate number for each and add them together. The sum is the number you need to enter into one of the four decimal parameters. The chart is currently archived at Simblesse Oblige and is also still available as part of the AllSims.Doc file at the Simfully Yahoo Group.

Over the years I have come to find it simpler to use a HEX version of the chart so here I have listed each of the Data Owners along with it's corresponding HEX code.

IffPencil users: The Data Owners codes are entered into the 7th and 8th HEX Parameter boxes.

For instance, to write the statement "Temp Storage 0 += Local Variable 2" (Increase [i]Temp Storage 0[/i] by the value of [i]Local Variable 2[/i]) enter 08 (the hex code for Temp Storage) into the 7th HEX Parameter box in IffPencil and 19 (the hex code for Local Variable). The rest of the boxes get filled in accordingly to ensure the correct variables are being effected and (in the 6th hex box) the correct operator is being used (See the operators page for those codes)

Data Owners are listed in behavior.iff's STR#132
00 My Attribute
01 Stack Object's Attribute
02 targ obj attr ( DO NOT USE )
03 My...
04 Stack Object's...
05 targ obj's ( DO NOT USE )
06 Global hr etc.
07 Literal Value (eg. "0" or "7")
08 Temporary Storage
09 Parameter
0A Stack Object ID
0B Temporary Storage [temp]
0C Check Tree ad & Range
0D Stack Object Temp Storage
0E My Motives
0F Stack Object's motives
10 Stack Object's Slot
11 Stack Object's motive [temp]
12 My person data
13 Stack Object's Person Data
14 My Slot
15 Stack Object's definition
16 Stack Object's attribute [para]
17 Room [temp]
18 Neighbor in Stack Object
19 Local Variable
1A Constant Value (The Bcons)
1B Dynamic Flag Sprite...
1C Check tree add personality var
1D check tree add min unused
1E My person data [temp]
1F stack object's person data [temp]
20 Neighbor Data [temp]
21 job data
22 Neighborhood data...
23 Stack Object's Functions
24 My type attribute
25 Stack Object's type attribute
26 Neighbor's Object Definition added in Superstar
Author: Raeven