Understanding Simantics Primitives

The following is copied from an unfinished Simantics Manual included in Script Station downloads:

"Like every computer languages, every subroutine uses a basic instruction set in the end. These instructions are called Primitives in SimAntics, and they serve a similar function as the instruction set of the Pentium. There is a primitive for calculating things, a primitive to update the object's graphic, a primitive to create an object, a primitive to move or destroy an object, and so on. The global-scope subroutines are merely tools which make it easier to access the primitives.

The ID numbers of primitives are from 0 to 100 (in decimal, that's 0 to 256). They are not stored in any IFF file, but in the main executable of The Sims, just like the instruction set of the Pentium being stored in the processor while the programs and the Windows subroutines are stored in the memory or harddisk."

I usually refer to Primitives as "functions" because this is how IffPencil refers to them.Unfortunately this does create a bit of confusion when I need to refer to the functions on the "Functional Tree" but for the most part it has not created much of a problem.

Simantic's Primitives as listed in behavior.iff's STR#139
 0 Sleep (for ticks in Parameters ...)
 1 Generic Sims Call
 2 Expression
 3 Find Best Interaction
 4 Grab
 5 Drop
 6 Change Suit/Accessory
 7 Refresh
 8 Random Number
 9 Burn
10 Tutorial
11 Get Distance To
12 Get Direction To
13 Push Interaction
14 Find Best Object for Function
15 Break Point
16 Find Location For
17 Idle for Input
18 Remove Object Instance
19 Make New Character
20 Run Functional Tree
21 Show String ( UNUSED )
22 Look Towards
23 Play Sound Event
24 old relationship ( DO NOT USED )
25 Alter Budget
26 Relationship
27 Go To Relative Position
28 Run Tree by Name
29 Set Motive Change
30 Gosub Found Action
31 Set to Next
32 Test Object Type
33 Find 5 Worst Motives
34 UI Effect
35 Special Effect
36 Dialog
37 Test Sim Interacting With
38 ~unused
39 ~unused
40 ~unused
41 Set Balloon/Headline
42 Create New Object Instance
43 Drop Onto
44 Animate Sim
45 Go To Routing Slot
46 Snap
47 Reach
48 Stop ALL Sounds
49 Notify the Stack Object out of Idle
50 Add/Change the Action String
51 Manage Inventory ( 1.x Animate Object in 2.0 )
52 Change Light Color ( 2.0 )
53 Change Sun Color ( 2.0 )
54 Point Light at Object ( 2.0 )
55 ~unused (in Sims Online)
56 ~unused (in Sims Online)
Author: Raeven