Put Downloaded Skins and Animations in Fars

With Macs (if you don't have MM), most custom skin or animations names are too long and our system truncates the end, which makes the skins/animations not appear in game. NPC skins are even more problematic, I won't get too much into gory details that I'm still learning about, but here is what you need to do to install NPC skins on either Classic or OSX if you aren't running MM. (the Makin' Magic ep fixes this problem on Mac, if you are running OSX. but not on Classic)

Get FarMaker. FarMaker comes with UnZipper. Install both.

When you download an object with NPCs, unzip it with Unzipper, Not the Aladdin UnStuff that comes with your Mac. UnZipper retains crucial file information that Stuff It does not retain.

DO NOT OPEN the unzipped folder. I personally had a hard time getting past that instruction, but if you open the folder some weird mojo happens that will make you lose the complete file names of the skins. Drop the unopened folder onto the farmaker icon and it will make a far for you. That far will need to be installed in Gamedata/Skins. Once you have made your far file, THEN you may open the folder. You will need to take any iff files in that folder and then install them in Downloads (or your preferred subdirectory) That will work most of the time.

Tip for Skinners and Animators: The skins on our NPCs are written with file names that are compatible with Mac. This simply means we ensure no file name exceeds 27 characters (this does not include the period or the 3 'digit' extention that follows the file name. Those four characters bring the total filename to 31 characters). This can be a little bit of a trick for the xskin-blahblah.skn files as the "xskin-" part REALLY needs to be included to work properly in all expansions. Keep it 27 characters or less and your files will be "mac compatible." To ensure EP compatibility it's also best to keep everything lower cased.

Author: Melissa