Peter of Atelier Quebec has converted a lot of items from The Sims Online. He has made skins, meshes, animations, object graphics, and has even created some fully functioning objects using those graphics (such as bunk beds and the band object). Anyone is free to make objects using the graphics he provides. Here's what I've come up with so far.

None of these TSO objects use TSO's GUIDs; They were all made with my magic cookie to avoid any conflicts with other websites.


Capacity 1 Sim. May be used by any Sim (including pets)

TSO - Freight

TSO - Modern

TSO - Hotel

Loft Beds

Strictly speaking loft beds did not exist in TSO, but bunkbeds did and Peter of Atelier Quebec has converted those bunkbeds into fully functioning TS1 beds. These loft beds are based on the Atelier Quebec bunk beds and require their converted TSO animations.

Download: Atelier Quebec's TSO Bunkbed animations - TOP BUNK ONLY

I have removed the lower bunk creating a space for other furnishings to be placed below and modified the TSO graphics to suit this new function. I made a few other little tweaks to the code but these loft beds do still give the same high energy as the original Atelier Quebec bunkbeds.

TSO Match - Old World

requires animations (not included)

TSO Match - Military

requires animations (not included)

I have also made a couple by request that match the around the Sims Gypsy bedroom. These do still require Atelier Quebec's TSO animations.

ATS Match - Gypsy, Blue

requires animations (not included)

ATS Match - Gypsy, Green

requires animations (not included)

Find the original Gypsy Bedroom sets at Around the Sims


TSO - Thatch Awning

With SSoW Wall Fixture hack so other objects can still be placed on the wall with this awning. Updated JULY 2016 - The dense shadow from the original has been removed.

TSO inspired Thatch Roofs

Inspired by this TSO awning I made some thatch roofs.

TSO - Stacked Stone Fountain

NOTE: Making a wish is just for a bit of fun. No wishes are granted.

Robot Factory Robots

In TSO you could get a job building robots in a robot factory. I'd love to make a TS1 version of that idea someday, but in the meantime have used the graphics to make some decor.

Maxis Robots Collection

4-in-1 Decorative Element

This collection includes TSO's 3 robots (Industrial, Atomic, and Futuristic) and a decorative version of Servo (shown here standing beside the NPC version of Servo). Some parts of the robots glow in the dark but these are NOT a light source. A random robot appears when purchased (purchase repeatedly to get the robots you want and sell the unwanted ones back.)

Slope enabled; No room score; View interaction uses Technology and/or Mechanics skill as a reaction factor.
Decorative (Statue) costs 400$

TSO Atomic Moving Robot

Self-Propelled Decorative Element

The robot passes through doors, but nothing else There are no interactions (no feeding or playing). The robot does not sleep or die (so there is no risk of disease).

Decorative (Statue) costs 400$

Robot Factory Maintenance Stations

TSO Tool Stations (hacked)
3 matching tool cabinets/stations in 1 object

Industrial Repair Stations
3-in-1 Tool Station
No EP Required

Atomic Repair Stations
3-in-1 Tool Station
No EP Required

Futuristic Repair Stations
3-in-1 Tool Station
No EP Required

This "skill object" is a bit unusual because it does not raise your Sim's mechanics skill directly. Instead you use it to instruct a Sim to repair everything (all) on the lot that is broken and the Sim naturally gains Mechanics skill from repairing. Please also be aware that the risk of electrocution is also exactly the same. To clarify: The tool stations do not cause anything to break. They simply send the Sim to do the (repair) chores.

Less handy Sims might prefer to call the Repairman instead. If your household does not have a phone the tool station will schedule the Repairman's visit directly - so make sure you have enough cash to pay him!

Categorized under Misc. (knowledge) for 329

Janitors' Stations (hacked)
Matches for the TSO Tool Stations

This fully equipped utility closet stores enough cleaning supplies to clean the whole lot.

To clarify: The janitorial stations do not cause anything to become dirty or lower room score. They simply send the Sim to clean everything.

Categorized under Appliances (Other) and Misc. (Other) for 329

Related files: At Aponee Sims, in the My House forum, you can find built in utility closets with the "Clean All" hack. Unlike our objects here, Aponee's Built In Utility Closet is also a trash compactor!

Industrial Utility Cabinet
with "Clean All" Hack
No EP Required

Object Makers' Note: The industrial base has one sprite per cabinet. The Atomic tool station has 2 sprites per cabinet, one is luminous. The futuristic sprite has 3 sprites per cabinet, one is luminous.

Robot Factory Decorative Elements

Obstacle 1 from TSO
3x2 decorative element
No EP Required

Obstacle 2 from TSO
3x2 decorative element
No EP Required

Conveyor Tiles from TSO
connecting decorative element
No EP Required

Misc Tidbits

Stuff that doesn't want to fit nicely into some other category but uses material converted from TSO

Akaren Utility Chest

Yersinia quite liked the maintenance stations I did for my robot factory lot (above), but that look was totally inappropriate for her Akaren themed game, so I made it over as a simple chest using graphics from TSO.

This one handles both cleaning and repair.