The Secret Society's Newest News:

July, 2015

I got an email letting me know that Yahoo is glitched and not allowing new members to join groups so I have uploaded (almost) all of those objects to a forum at my message board. Guests can download - there is no need to join the Board.

In addition to the S.S.o.W. objects I have included some of more Melissa's DSCali sets and Lost-to_Sims' all purpose android NPC, Matilda. It is the same NPC that s available from her abandoned Yahoo!Group with the addition of the original skins.

Downloads from the Y!Group

now available at The Drawing Board (password: OfferedAsIs)

Again, there no need to join this message board. Info and Downloads is already available to Guests.


I stopped simming a few years ago, but have wanted to neaten the site up for years. Since that is looking less likely as the years go on, I'm placing a site-map hereto make everything easier to find. It isn't pretty, but I hope it'll be more helpful (and work well with online translators)

Better Living Through Woobsha (Objects)

(Simlogical) Apartment Hacked Objects

Theme Sets

Woobsha Workshop (Tutorials)

Site Information and Links


Bag of Tricks Around the Sims Bunny Wuffles Architecural Supplies for Sims

Pure Awesomeness

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