The Secret Society's Newest News:

Feb, 2017

I have added some child-servo skins and an extra robot-girl's head skin to the robot factory page. I had to chose between giving the servo-children a custom nude (by using a custom body type) OR giving them buyables (and ignoring the fact that they become human in the shower). I chose the latter, but plan to add additional skins into the future that use the custom body ("b0t").

I've moved a few more of Melissa's 'DSCali' room sets from the forum to a new "room sets" page.

I have merged the 2 forever baby pages into a single "family fun" page and moved Melissa's DSCali's Summer fun kid's room from the forum to it. I have also ADDED a couple of her old dollhouse clones to it.

January, 2017

(1) I've merged the decor pages into a couple of catch-all pages; One for "Decor Objects" page and another for "Decor Wall Objects". I have ADDED Melissa's old DSCali's Cheap Eats decor set (Maxis Match) to the Decor Objects page.

(2) I popped a couple of 3-in-1 counter bases up on the new the bases page. This new page is a combination of the 3 small bases pages I had.

(3) I also added a second "gifts" page, this time listing things I made for others. It encompasses both actual gifts and fulfilled requests and nearly all of them have been available in various places for many years with the exception of the gold recolor of the crumple bottom chandelier and some colorful grasses for Alien Terrains.

3-in-1 counter base

Old News:

Upcoming in 2017

Updates at SSoW have been more infrequent and sporadic ever since the artist and co-founder, CaliSims, left the site a decade ago. Taking on the art and site management in addition to teaching myself how to hack and making hacked objects was more roles than I really wanted to ever play.

I could have resorted to using quickie recolors of Maxis graphics on my hacks but Woobsha'd been founded with the idea that bases and objects do not have to be separate things. This was a very important part of partnering up with an artist in the first place. (plus there simply AREN'T pre-made graphics for some of my hacks.)

An example render of virtual dollhouse furniture

In 2016, the main developer of FreeSO (*) also created plug-in for Blender users to export sims sprites, including a Z buffer. So I am having another go at 3D modeling stuff for the site. (Lack of Z buffer was why I fizzled after the Forever Baby crib last time)

Since I have lots to learn, I don't imagine there will really be any more updates than there have been in the past, but I might be able to get some of the cooler stuff out of my bulging To Do folder

(* )

For links to all of last year's updates, please see the new Updates and Revisions in 2016 page

July, 2015

I got an email letting me know that Yahoo is glitched and not allowing new members to join groups, so I have uploaded (almost) all of those objects to a forum at my message board. Membership has been disabled, but guests can download after entering the password (see below)

In addition to the S.S.o.W. objects I have included some of more Melissa's DSCali sets and Lost-to_Sims' all purpose android NPC, Matilda. It is the same NPC that is available from her abandoned Yahoo!Group with the addition of the original skins.


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