Page 4 : Shop Windows

Mais Oui Cafe style Shop Window with lights - Maxis Red (base) and colors to match DSCali UL Cafe recolors.

Convert To Hacks Page 3 : Bay Windows

Variations on Bay windows include graphic changes (excess paneling has been trimmed away, for instance) and hacked changes.

  • "For Decorators" Hack - The bay window's surface area has been hacked allowing you to place furniture along the interior wall by the window ast a slight "cost" - if a sim wants to interact with the object he will do so from outside of the window. Details within.
  • Convert To Hacks Page 2 : Fences

    Faux Fence Section - A single section of cement wall. Drops with walls, may be placed on slopes, pond water or pool.

    Page 1 : DS Cali Windows and Doors

    Deviant Sim Archive - Several window and door recolors from various expansion packs