Default Replacement Files

What are Default Replacement files?
Default Replacement files are copies of Maxis objects (iffs) that have been extracted from Maxis' FAR files and modified. These files are not returned to the the FAR file and are installed as iffs instead. The game loads the contents of Far file first and the IFF files last. Since the game uses the last version of the file that it loaded in it will use these iffs instead of the original version.

Object IDs and Default Replacement Files
It is important to note that since these are copies of Maxis objects instead of clones they do not have a unique object id. They must use Maxis' GUIDs to work properly so they will show up as "duplicates" or "conflicts" when you run a GUID Checker (or Object ID checking) program. This is nothing to worry about. Duplicate IDs only create a conflict when two different objects are using the same ID and their coding and resources don't match each other.

What Default Replacement files are NOT!
Default Replacement files are not freebies for those who don't have the expansion pack they came from. These files often depend on resources and technologies included in the expansion pack they are from. I do not recommend trying to install these when you don't have the required expansion pack.

Installing Default Replacement files
Each zip file has a readme that includes instructions on how to install the individual files. To uninstall (and go back to using the original files) simply remove the iffs from your game folders.

Object Makers and Hackers, feel free to use these as bases for your projects.

Default Replacement - Charms
replaces Charms.iff (MM)

Traditionally charms could only be placed on the floor counters, tables, desks and endtables and can only sit in the center of the tile.

This modified version allows players place these charms on coffee tables and on shelves and cabinets (as well as any other object such as SSoW's "clutterable dresser" that utilizes the "height nine" feature introduced in the Vacation expansion pack) You may also place multiple charms on any surface that has space for multiple items and the charms may be used as a centerpiece on tables that allow centerpieces.
Makin' Magic required

Default Replacement - Dining Booth

reuploaded Aug 8, 2008 with proper name

Traditionally a Maitre'd will not seat people at any dining booth that has a centerpiece placed on it (mistaking the booth as being "in use".)

This modified version allows players to place centerpieces without the table being considered "in use". Other objects placed on the table will still prevent the Maitre'd from seating people so be certain the object you are using DOES count as a center piece.
Hot Date required

two (2) rotation base
HD required

four (4) rotation base
UL required

four (4) rotation base
MM required

Traditionally awnings would take walls space not allowing you to place lights, store signs or anything other than windows and doors in that same wall section.

This modified version allows players to continue decorating the wall even though it has a awning over it. When you install the replacement awnings you'll likely have to sell off the ones that have already been placed and buy fresh ones for the new "placement rules" to go into effect.

Maxis Stairs + Gnohmon's Sims2 ("2-way") Stairs Hack

In Sims2, more than one Sim can use the staircase at the same time. Now the same is true in Sims1! And, as a bonus, you can set this staircase to be a one-way stair, either up or down. With a pair of these, one going up and one going down, you'll never again have a traffic jam.

Additional modifications:

  • Pet Fix: Gno's fantastic hack was applied to original (Pre-Unleashed) stairs. These stairs have been updated for UL Pets. See the Gnohmon Hacks page for a DIY patch you a use on other 2 way stairs.
  • Empty Space used: By request (Hi, Karin! *wave*) some of the stairs have been altered to allow objects and sims underneath them. Any of stairs that don't look like they have room for sims or objects underneath them ... don't.
  • No Ep required: I got lazy and did not bother replacing the EP requirements in the Straight style Stairs. The spiral and sweeping stairs retain their requirements.

* Please Note: The spiral and sweeping stairs do not have Gno's complete hack. Instead they have the sswPatch applied so while they do allow multiple sims to use the stair at once, they cannot be made into one-way staircases.

No EP Required

Stair2.iff -FIXED
No EP Required

No EP Required

No EP Required

No EP Required

UL Required

SS Required

NOTE: The SWEEPING STAIRS have a few additional things about them I would like to change so will upload the default replacements once that is done. In the meantime you can use the sswPatch with any sweeping stairs you have downloaded or make your own default replacements y extracting the various sweeping stairs from Maxis fars and applying the patch to them.