Eateries Page 4 Page 4 : Inés' Bakery and Cafe

A tribute and thank you to Inés for the wonderful goodies she has shared with all of us these many years.

Eateries Page 3 Page 3 : Simnut1's Disco Set

A gift from Simnut1, this set is made up of 8 objects and includes walls and floors.

If your downloaded these files prior to September 22 2010, please redownload. Some GUID conflicts have been fixed. These files will overwrite the old ones.

Eateries Page 2 Page 2 : Build Your Own Tiki Bar Kit

Set includes the basic bamboo building blocks and some festive tropical decor to dress exactly the way you like.

This UNIQUE BAR STATION that has been hacked with a custom SLOT resource to make it a functioning surface for 2 little decorative items.

Eateries Page 1 Page 1 : 2-in-1 Cafe Carts (UL)

Maxis Match 2-in-1 Cafe Cart Base sells Espresso and Pastry from a single cart. Unleashed required.

The Cracked Cup Cafe Set has an urban flair and includes 2-in-1 Cafe Cart, (browseable) pastry counter and dining table with chair.