Easy Clone Service NPCs: Specialized Maintenance/Cleaning and Service NPCs for Home or Location lots (read individual NPC descriptions for details on usage on different kinds of lots). NPCs are spawned by an object you buy and place on the lot: both object and NPC are bundled in a single easy to clone .iff file that you can clone to create custom NPCs to match your lot theme. See the NPC skin changing tutorials for both Windows and Mac in the Sharing/DIY Workshop section to make your own NPCs.

Using buffet tables on non-residential lots requires there be the proper staff to clean up the used plates. The janitors on the Old Town Community lots and Magic Town lots do not clean up used plates at all, and on Downtown lots only the busboy that is spawned from the dining podium will clean buffet plates, if the buffet is in the restaurant he works in. Vacation and Studio Town janitors do clean up buffet plates, but they also clean toilets, repair broken objects, mop puddles and other tasks which keep the dining rooms unattended for long periods, allowing dirty plates to pile up. Now you can hire additional NPCs just to clean your buffet dishes on any kind of non-residential lot.

Dish washer NPC busing table Dish washer NPC with his dishwasher Dish Washer NPC wiping table

'EZ Clone' Dishwasher/NPC : Buy this stainless steel industrial strength dishwasher in the dining/appliances section of any non-residential lot and the dish washing technician NPC will appear for work after you enter the lot with a Sim. This NPC has only one function, to clean up your buffet dishes. When there are no dishes to clean, he will loiter in the room in which his dishwasher has been placed. If the dishwasher is in a restaurant kitchen or utility room that is walled off and separated by a door, the NPC will return to that room when there are no dishes to clean. If the dishwasher is not placed in an enclosed room separate from the dining area, he will wander around wiping tables like the HD busboy when there are no plates to clean. This dishwasher with NPC is perfectly safe and very useful on lots which do have staff that already cleans dishes, as well as on those lots where no default NPCs will clean plates. This NPC is for use on location lots only: he is not categorized for home use, and if he were to be categorized for it, he won't do your dishes.

HD+ Required

Find the dishwasher appliance inconvenient? Use the Health Certificate (wall art) one available at the SSoW Yahoo!Group instead.

maid clears table maid with barrel maid wipes table

Scullery Maid NPC with washing barrel: Water filled barrel spawns a Scullery maid NPC garbed in Medieval-esque costume perfect for 'period' lots, who will clear buffet plates from all location lots, like the dishwasher NPC above. This NPC is also available for home use, where she not only cleans up all plates from meals, buffets and BBQs, but also performs light housekeeping, including paper recycling and cleaning up and taking out the trash, mopping puddles, and disposing of spoiled buffet remains. Meant primarily for kitchen duty, his maid does not make beds or clean dirty plumbing. She will stomp roaches out of existence if they approach her, but she doesn't pursue them with the vehemence of the Maxis maid. Her sturdy water-tight barrel is a sink that she can use to wash dishes, and which your Sims will also be able to use to wash dishes and hands. If you place dishwashers or other sinks on the lot, she may use those to wash the dishes in as well. Users with HD+ will also see the scullery maid wiping down tables and counters with her custom dish rag when she has no other chores. (Requires no EP: those without HD simply won't have the wiping routine.) No EP Required

(Note: Objects in screenshots from the Whythern Hall Witengemot dining room set at Parsimonious)

Maid with trash

Large Capacity Trash Barrel, which matches the Scullery Maid's wash barrel. Holds more trash than the Maxis trash can before it requires emptying. No EP Required

Related: Shiny Things also has a barrel shaped Large Capacity Trash Can. Their version matches the water barrel wonderfully but has a different look giving a more varied look in the room. Neat stuff!

Custom Scullery Maid body mesh is altered from the Maxis 'fat' peasant dress (from the Makin' Magic expansion pack) into a 'fit' mesh that is bustier and thicker in the waist than the usual Maxis 'fit' build, but slimmer in the waist than the 'fat', more in keeping with the standard of 'fit' in her period.

Installing the NPC skins will not make this dress appear in your game wardrobe, but you can Download the playable dress meshes and dress bmps in all skintones to use as playable skins, or for creating your custom Scullery Maid NPCs (See the NPC skin changing tutorials for both Windows and Mac in the Woobsha Workshop: Tutorials & Info Index section to customize your own NPCs).

Skinners may also use, rename and distribute these meshes to make custom skins.

Dec 5,2006 - NOTE: This mesh was named 204fitfa because the Maxis' Fat Peasant FA was 204. This clashes with a mesh that already existed so I've renamed it Bqi1.

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Need a normal pedestal sink as a base instead? Check out the kitchen slave Bag of Tricks has part of the Ancient Worlds > Roman Holiday set.