Skill Objects allow Sims increase their skill levels like Creativity, Charisma, Logic, etc. The objects in this section are hacked to use different animations than the Maxis skill objects, change the skills earned, and more. Objects use animations from the original game and/or the expansion packs: no new animation files need to be installed. The animated pictures show only a sample of the animations used. Some may require a variety of expansion packs, please read details. All are free to clone, please credit S.S.o.W. and link to Skill mirrors in the 'Narciso' style, by Calisims (Melissa) and Raeven first appeared at Deviant Sim: visit the 'Hacked' section there to get more of the skill mirrors.


Workout Radio raises body skill.

Workout Boombox: Earn Body skill while you aerobicize.

Stereo functions as a regular stereo: it plays music and Sims can dance to it for fun and social. New 'workout' option has been added: when you select 'workout' your Sim will earn Body skill points. Other Sims can still dance for fun while one Sim works out. Users with HP listen to 'Techno' music while working out and do dance moves from the HP dance floor . If you don't have HP, you workout to the 'Rock' station and do regular stereo dance moves.

Sims with higher (6+) Active points get more fun and less tired from the activity. Sims with low active BUT higher body skill (6+) get the same amount of fun and tired as someone with higher (6+) Active. Sims with 5 or less Active AND 5 or less body points will get less fun and more tired from working out. Everyone gets social when more than one person is using the radio, and that increases at the same rate no matter what your personality of skill level. No EP required.

Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Practice Hoop: Earn Body skill points while shooting hoops.

Indoor/Outdoor basketball hoop allows up to 2 Sims to earn body skill points at the same time. No skill bar appears for the object, but you will get a pop up box to notify you when your Sim(s) earn a point.

As with the swimming pool, Sims will stop playing when they feel like it, they don't keep at it until they earn a point (like the exercise machine or other skill objects).

Body skill is gained at a "casual" (slow) pace. No EP required.

Also Available at SSoW:

Knife Throw

Like the indoor/outdoor basketball court the Knife throw available from the Pirate Theme pages raises body through use. See Safe Harbor Page 1 for more details.


Actor's Mirror

Shaker style Actor's Mirror:
Earn Charisma while you rehearse your scenes. Hacked mirror uses animations and sounds from SS.
Requires Superstar.

Singer's Mirror

Shaker style Singer's Mirror:
Earn Charisma while you lip sync. Hacked mirror uses animations from SS.
Requires Superstar.

Flirt Mirror

Shaker style Flirt Mirror:
Want to charm the pants off someone? Improve your charisma by practicing flirting in front of this mirror. Uses animations from HD.
Requires HD or higher.

Magic Mood Mirror Hack

Your standard charisma raising wall mirrors that are hacked to also reflect the overall mood of all of the visitors and residents (excludes animals). The coloring of the glass will change to a green tint when everyone is very happy or to a yellow tint when they are becoming unhappy while a reddish tint indicates they are all very unhappy indeed.


Magic Mood Mirror Base:
"Baroque Optilopticon" Base
No EP Required.

Antiqued Silver

Magic Mood Mirror:
Antiqued Silver
No EP Required.

Thales' Mirror

Magic Mood Mirror:
"Thales" version
No EP Required.

Silver & Blue

Magic Mood Mirror:
"lunar Magick" version
No EP Required.

Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Magic Mood Mirror:
Obsidian Scrying Mirror
No EP Required.

Matching wall art and (magic mood) wall light also available in the appropriate sections.

Parrot Alarm

This charisma raising parrot also doubles as a fire and burglar alarm. Unlike the Unleashed parrot, this bird does not generate a mess or require feeding.

Pirate's Parrot

Available from the Pirate Theme pages.
See Pirate Ship Activities for the download link.


Strut Mirror

Shaker style Strut Mirror:
Earn Creativity while you strut your stuff, Vegas style. Hacked mirror uses animations and sounds from HP and MM. Male and female Sims both perform the same routines, including some that were designed for female only NPCs.
Requires House Party and Makin' Magic.

Dance Mirror

Shaker style Dance Mirror:
Earn Creativity while you practice your dance moves. Hacked mirror uses animations and sounds from HP. Male and female Sims perform some different 'gender-based' animations, from the male andfemale dancers from HP, plus some unisex dance floor moves.
Requires House Party.

More Skill Raising Objects

AT S.S.o.W.: For cooking skill gain see the Green Gardener, Vineyard and the Harvest Gold kitchen sets. All have bookcases made over into kitchen hutches (some come with a bit of fruit to snack on.) We also now have stoves that raise cooking skill with use, but this gain is *very* slow and after 8.5 cooking skill the stoves no longer have an effect on your Sim's skill.

AT S.S.o.W.: Gain mechanics skill practicing to aim the pirate ship cannon.

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