Aunt B's Pirate Cove

The Pirate Cove

In a far flung corner of the world, pirates have claimed some islands as their own. Ships can safely anchor in this cove free from inspection and regulations allowing pirate sims to carry out their daily piratey business.

AuntB is building this pirate cove on the first ten lots. To start with is a pirate ship for Lot 8 which also features a modest tavern sufficient for most pirates' needs.

Lot 10 has been prepared as another anchor point to build your own pirate ship. Don't forget to check back for AuntB's updates of the other 8 lots. AuntB has also made custom neighbourhood maps to match this theme.

Pirate Cove Lots

Lot 8
The Pirate Ship

Lot 8 - The Pirate Ship
(residential lot)

Lot 10
Build a Ship

Lot 10 - Build Your own Ship
(residential lot)

Expansion Pack Requirements: These lots Do require expansion packs.

These Lots were built with Deluxe installed. Those without Deluxe installed may need Unleashed or higher to install and use them properly.

Custom Neighborhood Maps for the Pirate Cove

What in the blazes is this "custom neighborhood map" you speak of??
A custom neighborhood map changes how the neighborhood appears when you view the whole neighborhood. The running water, bridges and other maxis filler is changed for something more appropriate. Unfortunately all neighborhoods display the same map so when you switch to another themed neighborhood you'll want to switch which custom map you have installed.

Hrmm ... Sounds like it might be ... complicated.
Yes, it sure in the world does! But it isn't. All that's involved is a folder to be made (if this is your first time) and some filename changes.

Bah! I don't like the sound of it! So I'm to be left out in the cold then, is that it, ya scallywag?
Not at all! The neighborhood map is purely optional! You can install the lots without it if you like. it's just a nice bonus that pulls everything together visually (as shown above).

Well ... hmmm ... perhaps I'll give it a try. What do I have to do?
Aunt B's provided specific instructions in the download zip. But, first, you'll want to make sure you choose the correct map. Ordinarily the neighborhood map shows only 10 lots but those with The Sims Unleashed installed will need to use the special "Unleashed" version of the map which shows all 50 lots.

Choose wisely, mate, as ye may choose ONLY ONE!!

Map 1

REQUIRES Unleashed
Download 50-lot Neighborhood Map

(REQUIRES Unleashed)

Map 2

NOT for use with Unleashed
Download 10-lot Neighborhood Map

(NOT for use with Unleashed)
Architect & Designer: Aunt B