8 Sim Lane
Aunt B's Pirate Ship
  A pirate ship in a semi-secluded anchorage.

Along with Maxis items the lot is made up of objects created by Aunt B, Bag of Tricks and SSoW most of which can be downloaded directly from this page. The rest can be found by visiting our respective websites. This is an oversized lot that has been imported into Lot 8.

Download (lot): Aunt B's Pirate Ship at 8 Sim Lane
See below for Shopping List & expansion pack details

Above and Below Deck

the Deck
Above Deck (walls up)

above deck - walls down
Above Deck (walls down)

below deck
Below deck (walls down)

Boarding the ship you find yourself on a tidy deck. The Galley lies behind a door to your right, to the left a sturdy door leads to the Captain's Quarters. Stairs in the center of the ship lead below into the belly of the ship, surprisingly well lit by the open gun-ports.

Captain's Quarters

the Captain's quarters the Captain's quarters

While a captain's rank earned him the right to a room of his own any of the crew could generally enter and make use of it at will. Them what's earned a ship together, own a ship together. It is a posh room, but amongst the plundered finery your eye falls to Captain's simpler pleasure and tools of trade: crates of books salvaged from past conquests are stacked neatly along the wall near a workstation where someone has been diligently plotting the next sail's course.

Crew's Quarters

the Crew's quarters the  head

While it's true your average pirate generally sleeps wherever he can manage our lucky crew has sectioned off part of the hold for rest and relaxation.

The ship's head is outfitted with a curtained booth that may be used to change clothing or for a more thorough washing up and an indoor toilet (considerably safer and certainly more comfortable than hanging off of the side of the ship!), and a bowl of washin' up water.

The Galley

the Ship's Galley (kitchen) the Ship's Galley (kitchen)

Above Deck the galley houses a massive brick oven suitable for all manner of cooking. Ole Pegleg Pete's managed to set up a proper food preparation area for himself using a couple of food barrels as counter space. A sturdy wall rack is loaded with fresh game and meats, hanging before some are packed into brining tubs. Off to one corner you can always find ole Pete,celebrating his extraordinary flair for kitchen design.

The Tavern

the Tavern
the Tavern
the Tavern

SHOPPING LIST for Aunt B's Pirate Ship at 8 Sim Lane

From Pirate Ship Build Elements
Deck Walls and Floor (set of 4)
Masts and Ship's Wheel (set of 5)
Ship's Window
Ship's Gun-port (window)
Crates as Stairs
Interior Door
Cargo Hold Hatch
From Pirate Ship Essentials
Baking Oven - No Ep req. but only MM users can actually bake.
Grill top stove with custom meals
Cool Chest with Custom Meals (barrel fridge)
Counters (set of 2) - Deluxe or Hot Date (or higher) required
Meat and Game rack (decor)
Salt Meat Tubs (decor)
Crew's Bunk - Deluxe or Hot Date (or higher) required
Crate Tables (set of 2)
Captain's Shower
Shower & Dressing booth
Ship's head - maple (toilet)
Ship's head - dark (toilet)
From Shipboard Activities
Perched Parrot
Rats (set of 2)
Ocean Charts
Sword Fighting - (base by Some Sim Things)Super Star required
From Pirate Ship Decor & Lighting
Lantern (table lamp)- Deluxe or Hot Date (or higher) required
Wall Charts
Wall Map - Deluxe or Hot Date (or higher) required
Anchor, Ropes and Burlap Sack (set of 4)
Goats (set of 3)
Straw on floor
From Safe Harbor : The Tavern
Double Buffet Sideboard with custom meals
Rum Bottles (for social drinking)
Knife Throw - requires Maxis' Dart Board
The Pirate King Painting (joinable art)
The King's Mistress Painting - requires Deluxe or Hot Date or higher
Tavern Barrel Table
Tavern Bathroom sink
From Aunt B's Sims Stuff (STS group 67)
 In the Files > Trees and Stuff > Tall Trees section:
Tall Tropical Trees
Milking Goat (requires Makin' Magic)
From Bag of Tricks Yahoo!Group
 In the Files > The Vikings > Tables and Seating section:
rml_2vikingpicnic119601 (Table with brown furs on seats )
 In the The Vikings > Household items section:
Viking smoke and burglar alarms (smoke alarm used)
From Bag of Tricks (2) Yahoo!Group
 In the Files > Vintage Style > Vintage General Store section:
Vintage General Store Wall Clutter
Also required:
Originally from Caro's Sim Essentials
Yakko's Glass Floor

Expansion Pack Requirements
This Lot Does Require Expansion Packs.

This Lot was built with Deluxe installed. Those without Deluxe installed will need Unleashed or higher to install and use this lot properly.

The lot also uses a few build items from expansion packs. If you do not have the required EP installed you will need to replace stairs, doors and windows. To replace missing doors and windows you will need to remove the section of wall they were supposed to be on (you can identify it by the black band along the base of the wall when walls are down) and rebuilding the wall section. You may then use any door or window you like in that spot.

Architect & Designer: Aunt B