Unfurnished Victorian Homes

Unfurnished Victorian Homes

These lots were made with only Maxis items - no downloads needed.
I have Deluxe and all EPs installed, so if you have less, you may see the 'missing objects' message when entering the lot for the first time. If this happens drop the walls and check the baseboards for solid black lines. These are an indication that a window or door was used that you do not have installed in your game. Delete that section of wall, rebuild it (remember to wallpaper both sides) and add a window or door.

If you do have Deluxe and all EPs installed but still get the 'missing objects' message, do not worry. It simply means I accidentally saved that lot while a downloaded NPC, inventory token, or other "controller" file was installed in my game. The game installs these types of files on every lot automatically, you see, but it's not needed on these lots and there is nothing for you to fix. Simply save again after dismissing the message.

Lot 1
Blue Victorian

Lot 1 - Blue Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 4
Yellow Victorian

Lot 4 - Yellow Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 5
Mauve Victorian

Lot 5 - Mauve Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 7
Beige Victorian

Lot 7 - Beige Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 51
Red Brick

Lot 51 - Red Brick Early American
(residential lot)

Lot 56
Holmes Victorian

Lot 56 - Holmes Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 59
Missouri Victorian

Lot 59 - Missouri Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 62
Montclair Victorian

Lot 62 - Montclair Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 65
New York Victorian

Lot 65 - New York Victorian
(residential lot)

Lot 67
Blue Victorian Cottage

Lot 67 - The Blue Victorian Cottage
(residential lot)

Lot 68
Wipplebottom Duplex

Lot 68 - Wipplebottom Duplex
(residential lot)

Lot 69
Olympia Victorian

Lot 69 - The Olympia Victorian
(residential lot)

Expansion Pack Requirements: These Lots were built with Deluxe installed. Those without Deluxe installed may need Unleashed or higher to install and use them properly. Houses on lot numbers higher than 10 are intended for games with Unleashed installed.

Architect & Designer: Annette

Fill out your neighborhood even further with houses from Bunny Wuffles:

  • The Midlantic House - Lot 3
  • The Victoria Baths - Lot 6
  • The Brunel House - Lot 8
  • The Palm House - Lot 9.

Persimmon Grove also has some outstanding lots to download.
One of the two with homes built upon them is built on Lot #9 so conflicts with Bunny Wuffles' The Palm House. Some of the others even conflict with themselves. This is easily fixed by changing the lot numbers.

Annette also made a variety of "blank canvas" lots (lots that have been landscaped, but do not have any buildings). You can find those at the Simblesse Oblige board.