Find Gno's original objects at Gnohomon's Sims 1 Goodies.

Yak Yak based

The YakYak hack all of the Sims to chat and socialize with each other even if they are engaged in separate activities - no more ignoring each other most of the time. All conversations created by the yak yak table are pleasant ones.

Only one yakyak should be placed in the each room.

InvisiYak is an invisible, "rug based" version of the YakYak table created by Gnohomon (of Livin' it Up). This object incorporates another one of Gno's hacks as well.. The object becomes visible in Buy and Build mode allowing you to find, move or delete it with ease.

A side effect of this 'in/visibility' hack is that even in camera mode the Sims will have conversations. If your screenshots demand the conversations be paused you will need to click the pause button even when in camera mode. The flip side is that if your sims are in the right position but on the wrong topic you can click one of the Speed buttons and wait for the correct topic to show up.

Found with the original (End tables) in Buymode; No EP Required

Gnohmon's "Sims2" Stairs Hack

Quoted from gno's readme:

In Sims2, more than one Sim can use the staircase at the same time.
Now the same is true in Sims1!

And, as a bonus, you can set this staircase to be a one-way stair, either up or down. With a pair of these, one going up and one going down, you'll never again have a traffic jam.

D-I-Y Patches

IffPencil and IffSnooper instructions for applying these patches are included in the downloads. For a picture tutorials see the instructions posted in Woobsha Workshop.

Download the sswPatch_GNOStairHack-Pet Fix.

Gno's fantastic hack was applied to original, Pre-Unleashed stairs. UL Pets can still use the stairs just fine but the animations for them galloping up and down are missing. Here is a Pet Fix that you can apply to Gno's original stairs and any clones of it to eliminate the "Missing Animations" message.

Download the sswPatch_GNOStairHack-MultiSims

Upgrade any stairs with Gnohomn's Sims2 style hack allowing multiple sims to use the stair at once.

NOTE: This patch does not include Gno's companion hack allowing you to restrict the direction the stair works in or his traditional roomscore boost. For the complete package you'll need to use Gno's original stairs (and clones, of course).

WCIF Note: The goth sweeping stair shown is from Oph3lia's Little Page of Sims

Hacked Stairs may be found throughout the site

Crates as Stairs
Crates as Stairs
Found in the Pirate Theme's
"The Ship's Build Elements"

Copies of Maxis' Stairs with
Gnohmon's "Sims2 Stairs" hack applied
Found in Default Replacements