Hacked Decor Page 6 Page 6 : More Window Dressing

  • Drapes Set designed by Poetica: Drapes in 4 different positions bundled into a single object allowing full control over decorating. Drops with walls in HD+ games and converts to rugbased drapes in low EP games.

  • Hacked Decor Page 5 Page 5 : Wall Fixtures

    Decorative items designed to become "part of the wall", attaching to walls without block other objects from being placed on the same wall.

  • Light Switches
  • Wall outlets
  • Vents

  • Hacked Decor Page 4 Page 4 : Hacked Wall Display - Aquariums (3 tile)

    This object is a cross between artwork and a TV so may be viewed while standing or sitting. Sims are apt to gaze at it longer if doing so as a group activity. They are billed (and categorized) as "video display" to explain the lack of depth but may be used as a real aquarium since there is nothing inherently electronic about it.

    Available in 3 versions:

  • 4-in-1 Aquarium Set
  • Animated Aquariums
  • Stationary Aquariums

  • Hacked Decor Page 3 Page 3 : Basic bases for decor and "deco-only"

    Very basic objects with no special interactions:

    18 tiled base (suitable for deco-only vehicles, massive beds, deco sheds, etc.)

    Hacked Decor Page 2 Page 2 : Small all-surface decorative objects

    Small enough to be used as centerpieces or sit on souvenirs shelves, these curio bases come in several styles. Some have 6 different looks built into a single item allows you to choose a new look by having your sim "redecorate", some have a "randomize" feature that allow you to decorate with lots of different items easily and some adapt their graphic to suit the area you've placed them in.

    All curio pieces are "All Surface" objects (including shelves); No Expansion Pack is required

    Hacked Decor Page 1 Page 1 : Adjustable Window Shades

    Using Pollymog's fabulous Roman Windows Shades as a base graphic these are 4-in-1 wall and window decor that cast light. In keeping with the window decoration idea this object becomes floor decoration in the lower expansion packs allowing players to place the item over a window even though those games don't allow such things.

    Available in a rainbow of colors; No Expansion Pack Required