Entertaining Page 3 Page 3 : A Variety of Dance-floors (HP)
Several Dance floors with varying degrees of opacity, available with traditional gaps between tiles or as seamless tiling flooring. The light show has been disabled in some of these dancefloors making them perfect for residential lots.

Object Makers Note: All are EZ Clone, combining the dance-floor and the dfcontroller in a single iff. Most are structured like the original dance-floor and use a single set of sprites for all tile. The Cut-A-Rug dance-floor, however, has a unique 4 rotation graphic assigned to each tile.

Entertaining Page 2

Page 2 : Home Bars and Brunch Buffets
The Social Drinker's Home Bar (incorporates the punch bowl's socializing and fun times)

Granita match wet bar set
Granita match 2-tiled Salad &Dessert Buffet and functioning sideboard

Lapis Tile Bar Set

Cheap (folding table) 2-tiled Salad and Dessert Buffet

Entertaining Page 1

Patio Sets - Breakfast, Bars, and BBQs

  • White Stone Patio Bar
  • Shades of Shasta Patio
  • Black Stone Patio BBQ
  • Santa Barbara BBQ set
  • Breakfast Hacked Iron Patio Set