Gnohomon Hacks Page 3 : Gnohomon Based clones

InvisiYak - allows sims to chat without interrupting activities
"Sims2" Stairs & Patches - apply Gno's hacks to any stairs; Fix for pet "Missing Animations"

The Forever Babies have been moved to the new Family Fun section

Convert To Hacks Page 2 : Convert To ... Hacks
Invisible tools that work with your existing downloads giving them new functions.

Serving Surface - turns any surface into a functioning sideboard
Prep Surface - pick a specific spot for sims to chop food; gives higher food points
DT Fridge - tricks Hot Date chef NPCs into using any item as a fridge.
Point of Interest - a focal point that sims will gaze at for fun (group activity)
Dining Table - use desks, low EP counters & endtables for dining

Default Replacements Page 1 : Default Replacements- Maxis objects with improvements
These replace the original objects in gameplay and may be used as cloning bases

Restaurant Dining Booths - allows center pieces
Makin' Magic Charms - that sit on any surface including shelves
Awnings - that share wall space with other objects
Stairs - with Gno's hack so multiple sims may use the stair at once