Mix-n-Match Black Iron Patio set
(Breakfast Hacked)

5 piece Black Iron Patio set (TS) and Brick Planterbox Fence (TS)

These sideboards and dining tables are hacked to be more attractive than other surfaces for serving and eating food between the (sim) hours of 2:00am and 10:00am encouraging sims to take breakfast on the patio while still eating other meals in the dining room. (Breakfast foods not included)

Breakfast hacked Patio furniture
Patio sideboard with cobalt tiles (TS)
1-tiled patio table with green mosaic (TS)
Wrought iron patio chair (TS)

Breakfast hacked Patio furniture
Patio sideboard with decorative tiles (TS)
1-tiled patio table with cobalt tiles (TS)
Brick planter fencing (red flowers) (TS)

Additional Hack: The patio surfaces are hacked to recognize Simlogical's Seasons Hack. During "Winter" sims will not serve or dine outside during the winter season unless no other dining area is available. This furniture will still attract the breakfast crowd if placed indoors during Winter.

Base Graphics Credits: Patio surfaces (dining table and sideboard) by Around the Sims; Dining chair by Parsimonious

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ConvertTo Serving Surface:

A 2 tiled Sideboard with built in Brunch Buffet
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Granita match Sideboard/Buffet:

A 3 tiled Sideboard with Double Buffet built in
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The Pirate Tavern's Sideboard/Buffet:

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